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As Trump Continues to Serve His Kool Aid...

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Another View -- John H. Sununu: Don't drink the Trump Kool-Aid  

Most of us know “Drinking the Kool-Aid” refers to a commitment to an idea without comprehending the implications of that commitment. We remember that this phrase derives from the horrible tragedy of 1978 where 900 followers of Jim Jones died when he convinced them to drink a mixture of Kool-Aid and cyanide.

What is often forgotten is that hundreds of others who did not want to drink the deadly cocktail were murdered by forcibly being given doses of cyanide.Today Republicans find themselves in a similar position as many of our primary voters continue to support Donald Trump. Trump has even become the darling of some of our most influential conservative talk radio hosts despite support for issues that historically have been anathema to conservatives. In truth, Trump is cut from the same big government cloth as Barack Obama. He welcomed the Obama stimulus packages, supports government-funded universal health care, and is a fan and an exploiter of eminent domain for his real estate developments. Trump has said he is “very pro-choice” and remains committed to letting his “good friend” Vladimir Putin dominate strategic policy in the Middle East. Our radio hosts have drunk his Kool-Aid.

Even on his signature issue of immigration, he is nothing more than an opportunist. In 2012, Trump attacked Mitt Romney for suggesting that there should be deportations of illegal immigrants, accusing Romney of being “mean-spirited”, and scolding him for losing the Latino vote. Trump’s lack of ideology allows him to exploit our anger at our porous borders by advocating his new Trumped up policy of rounding up and deporting 11 million people. His candidacy is leveraged on that extreme reversal of stance and a rhetorical misrepresentation of his lifelong position.

Barack Obama has shown that on-the-job training for a President does not work, especially in the area of foreign policy. Donald Trump’s foreign policy statements would be considered ludicrous by his supporters if they could only allow themselves to ignore the cult of personality and simply think about what he says. Trump’s comfort with the resurgence of Russian leadership in the Mideast should be anathema to our conservative friends. His abject ignorance on the issue of our nuclear triad as displayed in the last debate should really worry them, and Trump’s claim that he understands foreign policy because he pays attention to the Sunday talk shows should gag even his most ardent followers. - See more at:

Trump; narcissist, opportunist, hypocrite, and ignorant on foreign policy. Just the man we don't need in high office. Sununu is precisely right, even as we recognize he is working for the republican establishment.

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  1. Again, I blame the Tea Party "base" for supporting demagogues and aspiring despots. Without support of the TP fringe, Trumpf would be nothing. I also blame the MSM for engaging in "race horse" journalism. When poll numbers dominate headlines, there is virtually NO coverage of platforms and policy choices, and all we get is sensationalism without substance.

  2. I originally thought the tea party had something to offer, the concern for fiscal responsibility, balancing (or near balancing) the budget, a better understanding on how foreign policy ought to be managed and what our national interests are. Whatever loyalty I had for the GOP dissipated when the tea party started acting like disgruntled children with a destructive urge.

    So yeah (O)CT(O)PUS, I pretty much agree with you on the tea party.

    Both the MSM and Cable News are guilty. The focus on unimportant at the expense of the important is nothing more than distraction. Perhaps just part of the broad plan to politically dumb down America completely.

    I'm glad I live in Mass, for certain in times like these. When there is no viable republican and an uninspiring and beleaguered democratic front runner one can vote his conscious because MA is so blue it's a foregone conclusion MA will go for HCR, or whoever the democratic nominee is.

    But this year I may not go third party. If the polls going into the election show a razor thin difference I may swallow hard and vote against the republican by pulling the D lever.

  3. Sorry to destroy your illusion but the Tea Party supports Cruz and Carson. Trump is speaking to people's frustrations and they like that he isn't afraid of the PC police . That's really about it
    Sheez if you aren't blaming FOX News, you blame the tea party,who by the way are against establishment politicians on both sides
    They also were big supporters of Ron Paul

    1. Trump's attack on our civil liberties, especially advocating rounding people up based on religion, goes FAR beyond merely ruffling the feathers of the "PC police", Lisa. Its very Nazi-like. And we know what happens when people are forced into cattle cars. Your Stench Trench smells like a death camp.

      And the harassment of that Muslim woman at his rally wasn't q befitting of America or any civilized nation.

  4. You burst nothing Lisa, least of all a illusion that doesn't exist.

    Frankly Lisa Cruz is more troubling than Trump is. Neither are deserving of serious consideration by real patriotic Americans.

    Ron Paul was a man I respected. Rand I like in some ways as well. But with his reversal in saying he would support Trump if he gets the nomination I might have to rethink and down grade him a bit. I presume he would support Cruz as well, another strike.

    FOX News and the fringes of the tes party, along with the Christian fundamentalists are the biggest internal threat to our civil liberties and religious freedom the nation faces MNHO. Did I mention the neo cons...?

  5. Oh Good grief . What a joke. I wouldn't worry about that stuff . I worry more about left wingers who think we have an endless cash flow

    1. Speaking of thinking we have a never ending supply of cash.

      Question fir you Lisa. What does the following equate to?

      Enacting tax cuts and increasing tax shelters, primarily for the wealthy and very wealthy will at the same time increasing military spending by billions on a misguided war effort in Iraq?

      It really is about priorities Lisa. Priorities of the right are different than priorities of the left. I happen to find the lefts social and civil liberty priorities more sound and the rights alleged concern for fiscal responsibility more sound. Problem is, the right DOES NOPT mean the rhetoric they constantly use.

      Think about it Lisa, I know you will.

    2. RN: Speaking of thinking we have a never ending supply of cash.

      Modern Money Theory says "sovereign government is not financially constrained in its ability to spend [rather] the government can afford to buy anything that is for sale in currency that it issues".

      The Right's "fiscal responsibility" actually make us all poorer because "government debt is financial wealth to the private sector".

  6. A statement from George W. Bush:

    "Here in the United States our Muslim citizens are making many contributions in business, science and law, medicine and education, and in other fields. Muslim members of our Armed Forces and of my administration are serving their fellow Americans with distinction, upholding our nation's ideals of liberty and justice in a world at peace."

    Several other such statements are also found here:

    What ever the failings and flaws of our duly elected 43rd President, it's clear he "got it" and understood things Trump never will. Nor will those at Lisa's "Trump Dump". And I no less honor our current President for making similar statements: this is real leadership, not crass demagoguery. Trump's bellicose language calling for a massive purge (ethnic cleansing?) of many millions in the US is more suited of a warlord in 1990s Serbian colonies or in Somalia than of a rational leader of an enlightened republic.

  7. "Trump is speaking to people's frustrations and they like that he isn't afraid of the PC police."

    One person's admiration for not being afraid of the PC police is another person's definition of boorish, crude, and squalid.

    Trump isn't non-PC, he's a brutal and degrading demagogue who appeals to the worst in human nature.

  8. There are ways to make the points Trumpf makes without offending vast amounts of people. Effective leaders of people do it all the time and get great results.

    Trumpf, because he has always "won" in business by being brash and using strong arm tactics and the law believes the same methodology will work leading a nation. It won't nor will it impress other world leaders.

    There is a lot Trumpf has not learned that would negatively impact his leadership performance, in my view.


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