Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gun Talk and Interesting Exchanges...


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  1. FoxNews reminds me of the GOP congressional hearings: they explain their side and interrupt and ignore
    the other. If they tout the NRA line and say guns are regulated, come out this way: anyone can carry a weapon on campus but cigarettes are banned, cars and licensed and taxed and must be insured- the driver having passed both written and driving test and plain old pipe tobacco is taxed at $30/lb. You want to drive a delivery truck you need a CDL and requisite written/driving tests. You want to volunteer at the school-you need to be finger printed. Meanwhile, you may get your gun from Charlie the Fence, at any
    frequent gunshow, over the internet, or build it yourself-then you may load up your home and vehicle with
    as many as you need for 'protection'. Your physician cannot legally require if you have one, your are permitted to carry it into a bar, church, kiddy park or local parade. As far as a 'well regulated militia',
    we have had one since the founding (and Scalia prounced that causative phrase as 'meaningless', so
    we seem stuck with the ubiquitous boytoys (heck, they are in many women's purses too, one up north
    went off while a mother was checking out at the big store and went through her baby daugher's head)
    and if anyone dare mention regulation, however scanty, they are un-American. Nonsense, pure nonsense.


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