Friday, October 23, 2015

Carson With Commanding Lead In Iowa Polls...

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In America's Heartland, where the bible often carries more weight than science and reason, republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is leading fellow candidate and bloviating blowhard Donald Trump in Iowa.

This just in from The Des Moines Register.

Donald Trump is the biggest loser in the new Iowa Poll.

The pious Ben Carson has plowed past the braggadocious New York businessman to take the front-runner crown, unseating Trump as the most popular choice for president among likely GOP caucusgoers, the new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll shows.

Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, is the favorite choice for 28 percent — 9 percentage points ahead of Trump's 19 percent.

Even Carson’s most controversial comments — about Muslims, Hitler and slavery — are attractive to likely Republican caucusgoers. The poll shows just two perceived weaknesses: his lack of foreign policy experience and his research using fetal tissue during his medical career.

Carson's support has jumped 10 percentage points since the last Iowa Poll in August, and Trump's has fallen 4 points. This shift to a new pack leader is a thunderclap in the Republican presidential race.

“Donald Trump’s got a real problem,” GOP strategist Alex Castellanos told the Register. “Ben Carson is now the favorite to win Iowa.”

Asked which candidate they’d like to see drop out of the race, if anyone, more caucusgoers (25 percent) name Trump than any of his 14 rivals. And among both moderates and caucusgoers ages 44 or under, 36 percent would like him to quit, noted J. Ann Selzer, the pollster for the Iowa Poll.


Carson has plenty of room to grow in Iowa: He’s at 28 percent in the horse race, but he could exploit another 25 percentage points from the 53 percent of caucusgoers who have "very favorable" feelings about him, Castellanos said.

“In other words, Carson could blow this out,” he said.

Poll respondent Bruce Lindberg, a 56-year-old chiropractor who lives in Ottumwa, said Carson is his No. 1 choice because "he’s very intelligent. He speaks from his heart. ... I just think it’s time for honesty. And we need to figure out how to slow down the government spending somehow.”


Carson has a different superpower: His statements that he would be guided by his faith in God(emphasis mine) are an attractive attribute for 89 percent of likely caucusgoers. That's topped only by the 96 percent who find his perceived common sense attractive.

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“These numbers tell me that Carson’s relationship with Iowa caucusgoers is more personal and intimate than the relationship other candidates have with voters because it is on a values level, not a political level,” Castellanos said. “He’s connecting with voters because of who they are inside, not because of what they want on the outside — and that’s strong.”

No doubt connecting with the electorate on a personal level can be a powerful boost to ones campaign. Especially when this connection is supported by the conduit of religious faith.

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Via: Memeorandum


  1. That guy is a little nuts. I do not trust Ben Carson at all.


    1. Actually Jersey it's not that I don't trust him, rather it is his apparent penchant for loony political and religious beliefs that bother me. If I held the same I would trust him without a problem.

  2. Iowa is an interesting state come election time. Partly bible belt, partly progressive upper midwest, and bordering on politically confused Kansas. While in recent years the 'holy' GOP-ers went big for Huckabee
    and before that, Pat Robertson, the tightly divided Hawkeye state voted blue in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections.

    1. Any predictions this time BB-Idaho?

      While I wouldn't make any predictions this early out it is looking more and more like the presidency may very well state in the blue column. Although if Rubio starts getting a lot of traction who knows.

    2. "Partly bible belt, partly progressive upper midwest,"

      Betwixt Arkansas and Minnesota, right?

    3. Yes and no, dmarks. IMO, the Iowa fundies are richer than the Arkansas fundies, to wit:
      per capita ranking MN 10th, Iowa 22nd and Arkansas 49th. On the other hand as measure
      religiously (somehow?) the rankings are MN 25th, Iowa 22nd and Arkansas 6th. Having lived
      among the Minnesotans, they not only have a flat accent, their religious folk are liberal Lutherans.
      (discounting Michelle Bachman, of course!) :)

  3. I would be shocked if the Republican electorate nominated a Black man. Also, does Ben Carson actually want to be prez? He's suspending his campaign to do a book tour... isn't this what his "run" for the presidency is really all about (a cash grab)?

    1. It remains to be seen. Dr. Carson is at least as serious as Trump is.

      Expect even more air time for Dr. Ben.

    2. " serious as Trump..."

      Hell, my dog is as serious as Trump...and has better hair!


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