Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Americans Are Mobilizing In Their Own Self Interest...

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 Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign said Wednesday that it brought in just over $1.4 million from the Vermont senator's performance at the first Democratic presidential debate the night before.

The average contribution from the debate night was $31.54, the campaign said on Wednesday. The overall figure was an impressive haul, especially for one evening (by comparison, Sen. Rand Paul's presidential campaign brought in a total of $2.5 million in the entire third quarter).

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On Tuesday night, the campaign sent out an email to supporters describing the influx of cash as a "fundraising bonanza."

"There were more than 37,600 individual contributions," the email on Tuesday said. It went on to say "there was about $100,000 in the five minutes after the debate ended. At the peak, there were about 10.25 contributions per second."

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton's campaign didn't immediately respond to inquiries on Wednesday about its fundraising haul after the debate.

There is power in numbers and, given Sanders growing popularity and appeal, one can only surmise he is resonating with middle America and perhaps they are beginning to stand and pay attention to what the GOP and corporatism is doing to their country and the security of themselves and their family.

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  1. And perhaps they realize that government can be a force that does good for them? If so, they won't be voting Libertarian.


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