Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Trump, The Media Created Candidate...

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It is apparent the media, in this instance CNN, is a prime promoter of the narcissist and demagogue that is Trump. There certainly are far more qualified (and serious) republican candidates than Donald Trump yet none come even close to the exposure given the Donald.

When the GOP candidates assemble on CNN's stage Wednesday night, they will be appearing on a network that has virtually ignored most of them, while spending vast amounts of time covering the now-frontrunner, businessman Donald Trump.


To put that in perspective, Trump’s 580 minutes of coverage averages out to more than 25 percent of total programming for the ten days analyzed (after you subtract commercials, each hour-long broadcast takes up roughly 45 minutes). This study looked at prime time (7pm through 11 pm) weekday news coverage on CNN for the two week period from August 24 to September 4, including Erin Burnett OutFront, Anderson Cooper 360 and CNN Tonight with Don Lemon (the 9pm hour was either a second hour of CNN Tonight or a second hour of AC360, depending on the day). Three Trump campaign events were broadcast in their entirety during these two weeks, not including replays of press conferences that had already occurred. No press conferences for any of the other 16 candidates were broadcast. CNN even bumped its own special commemorating the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to cover a Trump press conference in Iowa.

This CNN coverage mirrored the campaign coverage on the broadcast networks. During the same time frame, the evening news shows on ABC, CBS and NBC spent almost 75 percent of the total campaign coverage on Trump...

Rather than a balanced exposure, with the purpose of giving serious GOP candidates that actually have serious ideas reasonable exposure the media has chosen to focus most of their time on the CLOWN thereby fueling the Trump Circus Act.

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  1. The media coverage of the republican campaigns belongs at the grocery store checkout stand.

    1. Yeah Jerry, it is kind of like a second rate tabloid.

  2. I totally agree and find it disheartening and quite pathetic that this man has this kind of coverage (perhaps though we shouldn't be surprised). I recently met Senator Rand Paul and had the fortune of spending an evening with his supporters in my area. I walked away thinking that (althought not the "perfect" candidate, Paul brought to the table of discussion something a lot different.

    Left or right, or in-between, that's what America needs- statesmanship.

    Not idiots lacking substance hurling insults followed by rabid media coverage.

  3. Hey Tim, good to see you.

    Rand Paul has both impressed me and given me pause at the same time. While he as you say is not a perfect candidate he sure as hell makes more sense than Trump, Carson, Huckabee, and Cruz combined. Senate Paul really doesn't have a chance in 2016 but he brings valuable contribution to the table for discussion.

  4. Replies
    1. Psychopath Jersey? On what kown facts about Cruz do you base you conclusion. Please be specific.

  5. RN... Wouldn't any candidate, from outside the mainstream, who was crushing opposition, get the same outsized coverage? From the moment Trump announced, he has been ahead.

    I realize some of that lead is because of extensive coverage, but he does seem to speak to, or for, about 20-25% of the GOP.

    While I agree he is getting some outsized coverage right now, let's see what happens after he implodes when his pedestal crumbles. And it will. We started seeing it last night.

    I think bottom line, coverage will soon be all about Bush when he wins the nomination. Money will ultimately carry the day, and he's got access to tons of it...

  6. Point taken Dave, and you are likely right about the outsized coverage. My main point is really that other candidates of far more substance (but less money) should be receiving equitable exposure time. But we all know it's true the system is rigged and that money talks.

    If Trump's poll numbers don't start to tumble after lastnight's debate there truly is no reason in the tea party GOP right flank.

    Personally I think Fiorina was a big winner and Christie certainly did not hurt himself. My personal picks are Senator Paul and Governor Kasisch. Oh, and Rubio did well and Bush certainly did not hurt himself.

    Last point, I am not an advocate or supporter of dynasty and therefore will not even consider Bush.

  7. this is eye opening. I guess I have turned my back on all three of the cable n00z channels so I was not aware of this.


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