Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cruz At It Again...

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THE HILL - Sen. Ted Cruz is gearing up for another showdown with Republican leaders in Congress.

The presidential candidate, a conservative Republican from Texas, is deploying arguments similar to those he used two years ago in rallying Tea Party lawmakers to block a government funding measure. Back then, the focus was on
ObamaCare. Now, it’s on Planned Parenthood.

Cruz has invited House conservatives to meet in his Dirksen Building office while ratcheting up criticism of GOP leaders in recent days.
Cruz’s message is simple and a repeat of 2013’s: President Obama and the Democrats will deserve blame for a shutdown, not Republicans.

“President Obama’s position is that if Congress funds 100 percent government that he will nonetheless veto funding for the government, unless Congress also gives $500 million to Planned Parenthood,” Cruz told reporters, noting the group is not part of the government and under investigation. “That is a radical and extreme proposition.”

On Tuesday he accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) of capitulation after news broke they planned to move a spending bill stripped of language that would defund the family planning group, which has been engulfed in controversy since the release of undercover (selected editing of emphasis mine) videos detailing its fetal tissue program.

“Republican leadership’s position has been, in effect, to surrender across the board,” he said in a fiery floor speech.

He is urging colleagues to use the expiration of government funding as leverage.

While Cruz and others may choose to believe the electorate will place the blame for a government shutdown on the Democrats and Obama the opposite is quite true. Of course we all know the tea party conservatives never the truth get in the way of it's agenda.

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  1. It is only bullies that want other bullies running the government. Cruz is a bully.

  2. Yeah, I agree.

    Glad you posted. I had originally titled this planning on using a Rubio article but when I caught this one clanged my mind. Then forgot to change the title... Thanks.

  3. Well, Les, John Boehner must see the light too, because he just resigned. Holy moly. They''re saying it's either Steve "I didn't know they were White Supremacists" Scalise, Kevin "Putting the McCarthy in McCarthy" McCarthy, or Jeb "I'm a raving psychotic" Hensarling. Paul Ryan has said he doesn't want the job, but he strikes me as the only grown-up option. We shall see...


    1. Wow! Been so busy today I hadn't caught this. Wonder if this will cast the GOP into more disarray than it already is.

      Of course the tea party neo-con social conservatives welcome this development.

    2. Yeah,Jersey.... That sKKKalise guy is a real piece of work.


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