Monday, September 21, 2015

Conservative Ignorance...

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This found on one of the Right Wing's most degusting gutter weblogs.


  1. The Radical Redneck, Michael "Savage Weiner" wing heard from.

  2. Radicals Redneck (aka Radical Redass), and Rusty Shackelford (aka Chucklenutz) are two of the biggest rightwing partisan and bigoted reactionary idiots traveling Lisa's Stench Trench.

    Of course the blog proprietor isn't far behind.

  3. Ah, I actually didn't click the link to the specific source blog until now. My bad. I see now your reference to the troll hole.

  4. This does sum up the progressive doctrine. Give us everything you take from the rich while we protest against them.
    The right has the same difficulty. They preach smaller less intrusive government who tells you how to live your lives. That's kinda like Hillary saying trust me, just doesn't work.
    Democrat and Republican Politicians are very similar in their biggest desire is to keep their job, spend you money and devise ways to get more.

  5. The vast majority of recipients of government assistance do not game the system. In the minds of the Lisas of the country, however, the opposite is true. The couple in the cartoon represent the evil "takers" that Ayn Rand hated and wished to see dead. This demonization/hatred for the poor is something Libertarian/Objectivism has in common with Conservative/Republicanism.

    1. i reject your interpretation of Ayn Rand out of hand. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. However, be advised this post is not about Ayn Rand and therefore this discussion is ended.

      Hate is a powerful emotion and I've found over my many years on this earth those who incessantly accuse others of hating are the ones filed with the most hate. It that you Dervish?

    2. I've found that opinions can change about Rand if you actually read her. But yes this item is not about her. Looking forward to the next one that is.


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