Sunday, August 16, 2015

Beauty Behind the Rump...

Melania Trump

If The Donald is elected to the Big Oval Chair in DC America will have perhaps a transformational First Lady.

She is certainly beautiful. More so than her husband is qualified to be president that is definitely for sure!



  1. Les, one can't be certain (assuming the Orifice ends up in the Oval Office) that this possible First Lady will be the one that is there with him.

    It's more than a year until inauguration, plenty of time for more wives to come and go.

    I recall a Jay Leno joke, in which he said that he had missed the Trump wedding over the previous weekend. He said he wasn't too put out: he would catch the next one.

  2. I'd let her eat crackers in bed.

  3. She'd be our first T&A FLOTUS! Such dignity she'd bring to the White House. All she's missing are the ears and bunny tail. The men will love it, of course, but what about all those good Christian Church ladies?

  4. Perhaps she could pull a "Hillary" and run for president after Trump finishes his terms.

    1. Who knows Jerry? In this era of American politics anything is possible. I think.

  5. Something tells me Melania and banking have a lot in common: A penalty for premature withdrawal.

  6. According to the NY Post... if Donald Trump manages to win the presidency, his wife Melania, will be the first foreign-born first lady since John Quincy Adams’ spouse, Louisa. She’ll also be the only one... who has posed nude. “We have incredible sex at least once a day", Melania told Howard Stern that year. “Sometimes even more”.

    Sounds like true love to me. Surely she would have married him even if he were a poor man.


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