Friday, July 24, 2015

Allan West Sounding the Drums of War...

Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

This is a dangerous man. Another the neo con right loves to idolize.


  1. Yeah, he's a fun one. Melo-demagogist extraordinaire.


  2. Right. Allen West was forced to retire from the army or face court martial for torturing a prisoner in his custody. He also lost his House seat -- rejected by the people in his own district. All he has is bombast and factless accusations that play into the hands of his low-information followers.

    Those are the same people who apparently have forgotten who actually illegally sold weapons to Iran -- an enemy of the U.S.

    Les, I saw where this video was posted. What else would anyone expect from a blog that promotes and glorifies pornography, racism, and antisemitism. One doesn't expect those folks to know a fact if it sat on their face.

    It is no wonder they'd choose Allen West, a loser, as someone to back up their "false facts".

  3. You are correct Shaw and certainly the crowd of which you speak eat hid brand for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    What is unnerving is his play to extreme nationalism and militarism. Shades of facism. There are many who blindly refuse to see this.

    "The Ominous Parallels"... Parallels Between Rightwing America and Nazi Germany. A book by Professor Leonard Piekoff written in the early
    eighties remains true today.


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