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The Donald Savages 2016 GOP Presidential Hopefuls...

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Donald Trump doing what Donald Trump does better than almost anyone, self promotion and slinging the BS. If a big mouth combined with conceit and the pompous attitude that accompanies it can get one elected president of the USA then The Donald is our next Chief Executive and Commander in Chief.

Daily Mall - Donald Trump isn't looking past the Republican primary and sharpening his manicured claws for Hillary Clinton. Not yet.

In a 70-minute speech before an audience of 1,500 in Sarasota, Florida on Thursday night, the business titan and storied dealmaker took shots at his fellow Republicans.

The crowd went wild and chanted Trump's name even before he took the stage at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center to receive the 'Statesman of the Year' award from the local Republican party.

And afterward as hundreds streamed out into the muggy Florida night, they surrounded Trump's car like groupies clamoring for a closer look at a movie star.

'There's never been anything like this,' Paige Green of Sarasota told Daily Mail Online as the red-meat conservative audience left. 'Not here.'

Other than the large-scale events where some Republican presidential candidates have launched their campaigns, Thursday night's gathering drew a larger turnout than any other speech this year by a single GOP hopeful.

Trump, 68, leveled his aim and fired at Florida's former governor Jeb Bush and the state's junior senator Marco Rubio, along with former tech CEO Carly Fiorina.

His criticism of the Republican competition isn't new, but the intensity of the attacks is. Trump already has a presidential exploratory committee and is expected to launch a campaign in mid-June.

Most of his jabs brought enthusiastic applause.

'It's hard for me,' he said. 'I like these people but they don't have it. It's not gonna happen. Even the people I do like – it’s not going to happen, folks. They’re not doing what I do. I do it better than anybody.'

'It's going to be an election, in my opinion, about competence. And I'm the most competent by far.'

Carly Fiorina 'ran a company and she got viciously fired,' Trump said. 'Viciously.'

'She was walked out of there. And the stock went up 7 points the day she got fired. That's not a good sign.'

Trump, whose signature line 'You're Fired' has propelled him through 14 seasons of 'Apprentice' shows on NBC, said Fiorina's dismissal was one for the history books.

'I know about firing people. I fire people all day long,' he said. 'I make millions of dollars firing people on television. I know more about firing than anybody in the world.'

'She got fired more viciously than anybody I've ever fired.'

Fiorina's next career turn was a 2010 U.S. Senate campaign against Barbara Boxer, which she lost by ten points.

'She loses in a landslide. A landslide!' Trump boomed. 'And now she says, "Okay, now I'm going to run for president." Give me a break!'

He also slammed Bush and Rubio in front of an assembly of right-leaning Floridians who likely voted for both.

'They're not getting us to the promised land,' Trump said.

He picked at the two for hemming and hawing on the question of whether President George W. Bush's 2004 decision to invade Iraq was the right call.

'I like Jeb Bush. He's a nice person. But when he was asked about Iraq, he couldn't give an answer,' Trump said. 'It took him four days before he got his answer straight.'

Bush endured a painful stretch of days last week following his indecision about whether or not the Iraq war was justified in hindsight.

He replied 'Yes' and 'I don't know' in separate interviews, and claimed he misunderstood the question the first time it was asked.

'How would you like him negotiating with the terrorists?' Trump said of the former governor.

Rubio was tripped up by the same Iraq question on 'Fox News Sunday' last weekend.

'I still say it was not a mistake because the president was presented with intelligence that said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction,' he said at first. 'It was governed by a man who had committed atrocities in the past with weapons of mass destruction.'

But moments later he seemed to reverse course.

'Based on what we know now, I think everyone agrees–' Rubio said before the host jumped in.

'So was it a mistake now?'

'I don't understand the question you're asking,' a frazzled Rubio replied.

Trump mocked the interview on Thursday as 'a horror show,' noting that he 'had the benefit of watching Jeb make a total fool out of himself' days earlier.

'I don't even know how he could be running for office,' Trump said. 'We can't put ourselves through this.'

'He couldn't answer "Is the Iraq war a good thing or a bad thing?"'

Trump offered his own analysis in a stream-of-consciousness argument that sounded like the Jewish comic Jackie Mason.

'Well, I don't know,' he said. 'We spend $2 trillion, we lost thousands of lives, we've got wounded warriors – who I love more than anybody – all over the place. And you can't say if it was a bad thing?'

He also lamented the fact that the U.S. 'got nothing' in return.

'Remember, I said we should keep the oil.'

Trump crowed about his week-long offensive this year that he said drove Mitt Romney out of the 2016 campaign picture.

'Once a choker, always a choker,' he said, explaining why the 2012 Republican candidate needed to go.

'That was an easy election. We had a failed president.'

'Romney had one thing going for him,' Trump claimed. 'He's good-looking. Other than that, there's nothing, okay? Even when he walked around the stage he walked like a penguin.'

Without a doubt The Donald sure knows how to put on a great and entertaining show. Even if it's just read meat.

Trump is having the time of his life. After all he is a showman, and a damn good one at that. However he does have one thing right, most politicians really are ALL TALK and NO ACTION.

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  1. " If a big mouth combined with conceit and the pompous attitude that accompanies it can get one elected president of the USA then The Donald is our next Chief Executive and Commander in Chief."

    That's pretty much true of Hillary and the Republicans running. Not defending Trump at all... just bringing the others down to his level.

    And yes this includes Hillary, who has gotten the most damning "praise" and weak support from those leaning Left commenting here recently.

    If there's anything in Trump's defense, is that he probably knows he has no chance at all. and is just blowing smoke.

    Les. please delete (or refuse to approve) my other comment right before this one. This is more complete.

    1. Are you seriously comparing Donald Trump, on any level, to Hillary Clinton? I know you don't care for her, but surely you can see she is obviously in a completely different class than Trump.


    2. Probably not equating them, Jersey. Except in the arrogance of politicians which I mentioned specifically.

    3. Well, certainly not the in the comedic sense. Trump has them all beat, hands down.


  2. Wait! The Donald is running for president? What about all those amazing things "his people" he sent to Hawaii were finding out about President Obama's birth certificate? Was that just grandstanding on his part? That's so hard to believe.

  3. So... what are we thinking? One term or two for Hillary?


    1. Three for sure if Trump is running against her.

    2. Actually I'm with those hoping neither. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a strong alternative from republicans at this point and it's unlikely there will be. As I pointed out elsewhere Bernie Sanders, while he is too far left for me, is probably the most honest.

      So I'm hoping for someone who has the
      smarts, integrity, and consensus building
      ability to patch the fabric of our nation and pull us together.

      Not holding my breath.

    3. Obama has the smarts, integrity and consensus building ability to patch the fabric of our nation and pull us together. unfortunately it does us no good because the other side is hell bent on an "obstruct no matter the cost" strategy. I'm hoping the Dems take back Congress so government is able to function again (under a president Sanders or Hillary).

      But I'm also not holding my breath (in regards to Congress & a Sanders administration. Hillary will probably get the job and the obstruction will continue).

    4. If someone from the Republican clown car wins, those who hypocritically and illogically complain of "obstructionism" all the time will immediately change their tune and demand that the Democrats in Congress obstruct the Republican President. Those who do not obstruct will be smeared as "rubberstampers".

      Because in the end, the "obstructionism" doesn't matter to these folks. They just hate it when there is any legislator, any Governor, any President who promotes policies they disagree with.

  4. The Donald may have savaged the 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls, but he savaged himself as well. He's a joke, and if he does run for POTUS more people will be laughing at him then thinking about voting for him. Far more.

    1. With all due respect Mr Sanders....

      .... dead on.

  5. I'll eat my hat (along with my tie and trousers) if this guy runs.

    1. I thought that the odds of Palin running in o-12 were zero and if I could come up with a lower number than that for Trump running this go around I would. This is all about publicity I am sure.

    2. It is for publicity, and it may well be at the expense of a few potential GOP candidates. By sucking up poll numbers, Trump can get on TV, in the debates, edging out a serious potential contender and affecting the poll numbers of others, altering the debate make-up.

      What should really bother conservatives and Republicans is the reality that Trump is popular at all among them.


    3. Jersey: Interesting points. Personally, I can't imagine him making much difference at all, unless there are some big zingers he lobs during the debates that change things for the "real" candidates. That could happen, and he could do it. He has nothing to lose himself by saying something so off the wall accusatory, etc. Because if it sinks his campaign, so what, he never quite had a real one anyway.

    4. Well, what I'm saying, is that the GOP has decided to structure their primary debates based on poll numbers, so we don't have the ridiculous spectacle we had last time around with crowded stages and no time for anything other than bites. They are limiting the number of candidates on the stage, based on polling. So, by Trump sucking up poll numbers, taking them away from other candidates, and getting enough votes to get on the debate stage (he's doing well in the polls, by the way), he seriously altering the population of candidates. This is a reality.


    5. Jersey, I'm going to throw my hat into the stew pot too. that Trump will not run, and not be a factor, and he is not "seriously altering" anything.

      Not even now. I'm having trouble finding reference to Trump at all. Such as this New York Times article from two days ago, which goes on and on before mentioning Trump toward the end as being "back of the pack". Or this report on the SRLC Straw Poll 3 days ago, which Trump doesn't even rate a mention. Fox News Poll a month ago? I know it is Fox News, and a month ago (two strikes against it), but regardless. Trump is not a factor
      there either.

      At last, he shows up in this one, but even here, Trump is rather low.

      And I wasn't cherry picking: I figured I'd look up recent Trump/Republican poll stories, in order of search ranking, to see how he was really doing. And it took me 4 stories before I even found one that mentioned him at all.

      I'm willing to bet he will be even less of a factor come summer. You are a skeptical and cynical person, Jersey, and I mean that in the good ways. But it seems you have bought into Trump's own hype a little too much.

      And that nothing about him should "really bother" conservatives and Republicans since he will be all but forgotten by caucus and primary season.

    6. LOL! I'm from NY and NJ, dmarks, where he was always seen as a living joke. The only thing I believe about Trump is that he's a moron.

      No one is being cynical, dmarks. I'm just relaying already widely reported information.


    7. Let's see where this stands toward August, Jersey. and revisit our predictions then.

      And this is more from an anti-Trump, "he will crash and burn" mentality rather than the idea that the Republican establishment is capable enough of the squeezing the buffoon out.

      A Presidential campaign is no place for a book tour: get him out of there.

    8. dmarks: I'm going to throw my hat into the stew pot too. that Trump will not run...

      You'll have to do better than your hat, given that Will already said he was going to eat his tie and trousers in addition to his hat. I think dmarks should eat his dirty undies.

      dmarks: A Presidential campaign is no place for a book tour...

      On this many of the Republicans

    9. Typing on my tablet suddenly the keyboard disappeared and my typing thumb came right down on the "publish" button.

      I was going to say that many of the Republicans running obviously disagree that a presidential campaign is no place for a book tour. It is JUST the place to publicize a book, or pump up your recognition and approval so offers of higher speaking fees or a job with fox nooz can be taken advantage of after bowing out. Trump is no different in this regard than MANY in what is shaping up to be an extremely crowded GOP field.

    10. Undie talk? Well, someone's mind is in the gutter. and good manners are sometimes forgotten by some.

  6. Replies
    1. Dave.... good question. His statement had me thinking of him dressed as a typical pre-JFK man....hat and tie.. Instead of, say, a typical post-Clinton man, who would look more like Larry the Cable Guy.

    2. Once or twice a week, I do, Dave (mainly for self-esteem).

  7. As disappointed as I am with the current roster of candidates, I blame -- again -- the electorate. It appears the GOP primary system is set up to give voice to howler monkey segments within the party, and shifting polls reflect the ‘screech de jour.’ For those of us wanting a serious policy debate, we will be disappointed. All we will get is more Punch-n-Judy Show theatrics as fringe voters line up behind their various fringe aspirants. I am not expecting maturity or reason from this process.

  8. To clarify my previous comment, one reason why our body politic has fragmented to the point of paralysis can be summed in these words attributed to Jim Bob, the Duggar family patriarch (from the Duggar Cult of Purity):

    "What if we were at a meeting with about one hundred other people and the speaker asked that a large cup be passed around and that everyone spit in the cup? What if you happened to be all the way in the back – the last person on the last row – and when the cup finally came to you the speaker asked you to drink out of the cup? What would you do?"

    If the Duggar family brand is built upon self-aggrandizing exceptionalism (as embodied in the above aphorism), the same can be said about the loudest factions of the GOP fringe. In short, if you are not one of them or like them or a member of the tribe, you are merely “spit” -- cultural spit; moral spit, religious spit, and political spit. It is an attitude of mind that disrespects, devalues and dehumanizes people.

    The Duggar family is by no means alone with their insular, self-appointed, and self-righteous air of superiority. Many religious fundamentalists, social conservatives, polemicists, and rabid rightwing rabble think this way.

    You can’t have a functioning democracy when people disrespect each other to this degree, and there are far too many people with this mindset in today's GOP.


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