Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nugent Pops Off About Shooting Hary Reid At NRA Gathering...

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"If your child is dying and there's only one way to get to the doctor, would you get on Harry Reid's boat to get there?" Nugent said. After a pause, he continued: "Then your child's dead. I'd get on the boat, I'd get there and then I'd shoot him." Ted Nugent 

Simply unbelievable! Even if he was 'just joking'. When mentality like Nugent stared having sway in the NRA is when the membership got dropped. Nugent, hell, the whole damn NRA organization needs a serious house cleaning.

Nugent, who is on the NRA's board of directors, made the comment while responding to an audience member who asked why the NRA "endorsed Harry Reid to serve as the front man of Osama Obama."

In video flagged by Media Matters, the conservative darling called Reid a "lying prick" after doing a bizarre impression of the senator. He then posed a hypothetical situation in which the audience member would need Reid's help.


Nugent later asked audience members to give the NRA the "benefit of the doubt" and continue to donate if the organization did something that didn't sit well with them.

"If you see them endorse someone like Harry Reid it's because this deceptive bastard actually stood up for our Second Amendment rights contrary to the alternative candidate,"

Full article with audio BELOW THE FOLD.

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  1. Yes, Teddy has been on the NRA board
    going on ten years. Was talking with a retired F&G guy, big moose hunter and gun safety instructor
    who quit..."They've gone crazy". And while households with guns continues to decline , those that have
    them keep adding to their arsenals. The founders would be amazed and confounded with what their 2nd Amendment is wreaking, IMO.

  2. The NRA is nothing but a lobbing group. Much like unions, they only care about the officers.
    Who ever pays attention to Teddy, the rev Al and Rove. He was spot on by calling slimy reid a lying prick, even slimy admitted that, but teddy did go to far and should be thrown out of the NRA.

    BB, where did your statistics come from about declining gun owning households. Gallop poll indicates the it seems to hold steady at 39-40%, unless you look at the NY Times who have a different view but they have a different audience.

    1. Skud, I googled household gun ownership decline and picked on of many reports. As for the
      GSS vs Gallop data, each interest group goes with the data which suits
      their interests. From the ammo side, there has been a steady decline in 22 ownership, which
      was formerly ubiquitous among rural youth; the mfgs recognized that and cut back (so now, even 22 ammo is short in some places). Conversely, 9mm has become very popular and also hard to get. With the younger set more interested in video games, the 'business' has pushed protection, and quite successfully, hence the growth in pistol sales. From my knowledge of the situation, there are households with no guns, households with a gun and
      households with a veritable arsenal of various weapons. Indicating no interest in the first group, hunting or protection in the second group, with the third group consisting of collectors,
      others with a fascination like reloading, ballistics, target shooting, competition and probably a few paranoid gun nuts, militia types, etc. IMO, the NRA has changed from a hunter-sportsman
      lobby into a mfg lobby by ignoring the former and pushing 'protection', fear of regulation and
      distrust of law enforcement; wrapped in 2nd Amendment lingo. Very successfully, given their ability to elect or discard politicians.

  3. BB
    No argument with anything you said. The NRA has lost it's vision and has taken the position of attack dog. I was a former member but cannot support their stance on gun owner registration, ownership transfer with no documentation and playing to the paranoid. They have lost sight of what their original charter was all about.

  4. Hard to have sympathy for Reid (along with Mitch McConnell on the other side) but, yeah, Ted really stepped in it this time.

  5. Ted (the Scum) Nugent has long outlived his usefulness. Assuming he ever had any usefulness. Which is highly doubtful.


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