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Some Interesting Data On Inflation Adjusted Fiscal Deficits...

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What got me into blogging several years ago was the fiscal aspect of managing a government effectively. Of course I believing the oft stated claim that democrats and liberals were the biggest spenders and were going to ruin the country though their fiscal mismanagement. Of course we're talking budgets and deficits here. Interestingly enough I just happened to be thinking about deficits by presidents today and came across some interesting data, naturally I had to share.

A few months ago, I wrote an article titled "Which Political Party Has Posted The Highest Average Budget Deficits in the post WWII Era". The article looked at the average inflation adjusted deficits that have been posted when either Republicans or Democrats have held the White House, from 1946 to 2009.

Over the past few months, we received a number of comments and emails asking us to write a follow-up article that would include data on average inflation adjusted deficits based on which party was controlling the Senate or House of Representatives (or both). Fair enough, and I can definitely see why you would want that data.

So here goes:

First, let's start with average inflation adjusted deficits from 1946-2010, based on which party held the White House (I have assumed that the 2010 deficit will come in at around $1.35 trillion):

Democratic President
Total Years: 29
Average Inflation Adjusted Deficit: $150.73 billion

Republican President
Total Years: 36
Average Inflation Adjusted Deficit: $202.28 billion


Ok, now let's look at deficits based on which party controlled the Senate:

Republican Senate Control
Total Years: 20
Average Inflation Adjusted Deficit: $170.78 billion

Democrat Senate Control
Total Years: 45
Average Inflation Adjusted Deficit: $183.06 billion


Now, deficits based on which party controlled the House of Representatives:

Republican House Control
Total Years: 14
Average Inflation Adjusted Deficit: $89.57 billion

Democrat House Control
Total Years: 51
Average Inflation Adjusted Deficit: $203.91 billion


Lastly, let's look at the stats when either party controlled both the Senate and the House:

Republican House and Senate Control
Total Years: 12
Average Inflation Adjusted Deficit: $101.72 billion

Democrat House and Senate Control
Total Years: 43
Average Inflation Adjusted Deficit: $190.80 billion


It's interesting to note that the majority of the surpluses posted between 1946 and 2010 (there are not that many, but still) have come when one party holds both the Senate and House, while the other party holds the White House emphasis mine)

Perhaps we need to place both houses of congress in the hands of the same party and the executive branch in the other hands of the other party. That is if we want to enhance the likelihood of budget surpluses.


h/t: Dave


  1. I have always held to the truth that the government that governs least is the best. This data proves that a little gridlock is a very good thing. I have always believed it based on observation, but it is good to see in writing. We have seen how this relationship reduces government interference and allows the country's economy to rebound from Washington's "help".

  2. Good to see you Sandy. I hope al is going well fr you.

    It does seem as though the whole debt, budget deficits, and fiscal responsibility has taken a back seat to everything else these days. Which seems to be okay with the republicans. Their main agenda items seem to be obstruct Obama at every turn, beat the drums of war, insure we have more and more firearms on the streets of America, turning the government into a Christian theocracy, convincing everyone that evolution isn't as accurate as creation "science", insuring women and the LGBT communities remain 2'nd class citizens with restricted rights, and basically feeding all manner of BS to the American people.

    Oh, and repeal of ObamaCare and impeachment.

  3. I am thankful that neither party has free reign to implement their full dumb@$$ agendas. I am all for gridlock in Washington because at least no new BS is being pushed on us.

  4. Thanks for figuring this out and finding this. I kind of suspected this, considering how the Clinton deficit went wild until the Newt election, and the wheels came off the budget in the Bush years once Pelosi took over.

    Anyway, aside from the Democrats being worse on budgets, the fact remains that both parties are extremely irresponsible in this fashion, and the difference between the two isn't that huge.

  5. There seem as many interpretations as dollars in the debt: IMO, it began with that great banker
    concept, trickle down, supply-side or voodoo economics. Prior to that concept and its implementation, the WWII debt had gone down, administration by administration. Cut taxes and raise spending = smoke & mirrors.


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