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  1. "Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools." --Albert Einstein

    That is an irrational and foolish reaction to this tragedy.

  2. Yes it is. A response shared by many frightened people.

    Get ready for 24/7 non stop FOX News fuelling the bonfires.

    Radicalized Islamic terrorists are a huge problem and threat to the civilized world. However, not all Muslims are terrorists and there are Muslim leaders, the President of Egypt for one, who are speaking against the terrorist insanity. These are the people who must not be alienated.

  3. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State, has made his strategy known: He WANTS to foment a paradigm war between the secular democracies of the West and militant jihadis of the Islamic world. His purpose behind brutal and savage tactics is to engender mutual enmity and foment a vicious cycle of reprisals and revenge. Atrocities are recruitment tools, and bloggers – in adding fuel to the fire of mutual hatred through incitement - fall sucker to these tactics. They are giving al Qaeda and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi exactly what they want.

    You will not defeat extremism by wantonly and gratuitously stereotyping every person of the Islamic faith, thus feeding into this vicious cycle … which serves as a recruitment tool for terrorists.

    Subject blogger and his followers are more than “unhinged” and “irrational.” They are also IRRESPONSIBLE in the extreme! However, there is more than merely self-righteous indignation on display in subject blog. The man is a shameless pathological narcissist who calls attention to himself, grandstands, and broadcasts his grandiosity without regard to the implications of his blather. Please note how subject discussion thread beneath subject post metastasizes cancer-like into a rage against the French, against ‘Zionist communists,’ against the Jews, against old WWII grudges, and of course “libruls.” The place is a veritable cesspool of hatred.

  4. "..,not all Muslims are terrorists.." They are in the twisted, xenophobic minds who advocate deporting Americans of the Muslim faith, and they are the same type of American who would have applauded the internment of Americans of Japanese heritage during WWII. It is endlessly amusing to read their rantings about this issue--deporting American born Muslims, because they are the same people who bloviate constantly about how Mr. Obama is lawless and "shreds" the Constitution. Meanwhile, when we read of terrorism here or abroad, their first reaction is to...wait for it...SHRED THE CONSTITUTION AND DEPORT AMERICANS WHO PRACTICE A FAITH THEY HATE. Whew. There's so much stupid in that idea, one wonders if they've gone all funny in the head.

  5. It is hard to find good press on Muslims. Meanwhile, huge
    media notes:
    "Murdoch Says Muslims Must Be Held Responsible For France Terror Attacks News Corp boss tweets to say even peaceful Muslims must bear burden of deadly Charlie Hebdo death toll ‘until they destroy growing jihadist cancer’ .

    1. Murdoch, of course, is foolish. During the reign of terror from the domestic terrorist group, the KKK, were all Christians worldwide held responsible for the murders they committed?

      Were all Christians worldwide held responsible for the genocide Christians in Germany and other European countries committed against the Jews and other minorities? The Catholic Church in Germany was the strongest, and yet I don't recall in reading history, any prelate condemning Hitler for killing Jews. Most members of the Nazi Party were Christians. Composed mostly by members of the Lutheran Evangelical tradition, members of the apostate Nazi-inspired Positive Christianity sect and some of the Catholic faith tradition respectively.

  6. Isn't that part of the issue BB? Why is it our job, from the US to police this? Why can't, or won't, Arab countries with strong Muslim populations take care of this? Why are they not passing laws that prohibit this type of behavior by fanaticized Muslim sects?

    At some point, in the 21st century, it does not seem unreasonable to ask why this continues to happen and if there is anything that can be done to stop it.

    1. Dave asked: "Why can't, or won't, Arab countries with strong Muslim populations take care of this? Why are they not passing laws that prohibit this type of behavior by fanaticized Muslim sects?"

      MOST of the Muslim/'Arab countries are extreme, radical, and genocidal. There are only a very few which recognize the rights of Israelis to live. The rest have an open call for complete extermination/expulsion.

      Even the supposedly moderate UAE is led by those who want to kill off the Israelis. Their refusal to condemn this terrorism goes hand in hand with their genocidal views.

    2. IMO, Dave, the subject countries are examples of a state religion; the mullahs, etc being very
      powerful inside those governments. I agree, given the aid and support we provide some of those countries, we should have some clout, but apparently not.

    3. My above comment was about the stance of the government of these countries and their official policies when i said "MOST of...."

  7. "Subject blogger and his followers are more than 'unhinged' and 'irrational' .They are also IRRESPONSIBLE in the extreme!”

    This seems to be the only way fearful people know how to react to disturbing world and domestic events. We can be thankful no one like that is in charge of any levers of power in the government.

    When I read that sort of psychotic rhetoric, I can't help but imagine that the person who indulges in it looks and acts like THIS.

  8. There can be little if any question but what "subject blogger and his followers" would act like your links depiction. However I imagine they likely would look much worse.

  9. Free Nazi over there said: "Do I think all Muslims should be killed?

    Of COURSE NOT. However, I do most fervently believe they should be driven out of all the Western Countries, then SEGREGATED, ISOLATED "

    Of course. Once they are all "isolated" then it makes it so easy for FreeColClink to kill them all.

    Shaw said: "and they are the same type of American who would have applauded the internment of Americans of Japanese heritage during WWII"

    Well, I find little difference between that WWII situation and FleaBathe's call for ethnic cleansing of all considered to be "Muslims".

    RN: I had not been there for weeks. Gee, they sure use the Constitution for toilet paper over there don't they?

    1. It certainly seems so. Too bad really but it is what it is and it seems to be getting worse.

    2. Why are they not passing laws that prohibit this type of behavior by fanaticized Muslim sects?

      Short answer. Because no other nation has crafted or originated a system of government so sensitive, so up-to-the-minute, so comprehensively fair and so much self-regulating as has the fledgling republic, the United States of America.

      Simply stated, it is not fair to compare other systems of governance to our own.

    3. So, what do we do differently in the light of all this, RN?

      Perhaps properly warranted surveilance of the of those involved in actual terror mosques. And for God's sake, stop funding the actual terrorists (no more mistakes like sending a billion US taxpayer dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt).

      This last one should be basic. If we can't even do this, we probably can't do anything.

      Other suggestions?

    4. Flying Junior: I agree. I think.

      With this caveat; As bad as our system of government can be it remains the best system yet devised by humans. Until recently (think in terms of the past 30 years or so) the nation has systematically improved on the imperfect system originally designed by our founders. It seems the reactionary wing of the Tea Party is bent on returning us to the unenlightened middle ages.

      It may very well be "fair" to compare other systems of government to our own if we wish. What is not fair is to attempt to force our system of government, our values, or our principles on another culture, their value system, or their government.

      We have every right to defend our own system and values on our shores. We have no right to meddle in the affairs of other nations unless they ask us to or unless we do so because of an act of aggression against our people and nation.

  10. ... stop funding the actual terrorists ...

    dmarks: PRECISELY!

    1. Thanks... I was just thinking, aside form the arguments over the balance between security and persecution.... and over military intervention... I'd think that the one simple thing is that we should stop directly funding the terrorists. Seems relatively simple.

  11. Another example proving yet again the narrow minded intolerance and hate some on the right pride themselves on.


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