Thursday, January 29, 2015

Amazing Stuff...

For all intents and purposes, this octopus basically teleports from inside a boat to the water outside.


  1. I saw that the other day. Amazing stuff. Octopi are far smarter than anyone who write doggerel. LOL!

  2. In other words, the advantage goes to those that freely ink, than those that free thinke?

  3. This is common practice in Cephalopodia. What you don’t know: If the beak can break through, everything else follows. Something else you should know: Cephalopods use empty bottles cast overboard by boaters. Depending upon accommodations, we use them as hotels and motels during our travels. I find them more expedient than Personally, I prefer the 2-liter size outfitted with a wet bar and wi-fi so I can keep in tentacle contact with my blogging buddies. Tanqueray bottles, please, for the emerald-green view in the morning.


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