Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Quips From the Far Right...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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Where do these "people" come from? Either they worked their way out of some prehistoric slime of they are just hateful, ignorant, and...

Rep. Steve Stockman yesterday chatted with End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles, telling the “Trunews” host that President Obama may be delaying the government response to the Ebola epidemic because he wants the virus to spread. Once it spreads, Stockman argued, Obama will use the Ebola outbreak as a justification to declare emergency powers.

For the interested here is the rest of the story.

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  1. Remembering similar comments about Bush wanting to declare martial law. Pretty much from the same nutters, who considered Bush a socialist.

    The infowars, tinfoil hat folks are beyond belief.

  2. Both sides are blaming the other and both sides look like idiots. Same old, same old.

  3. I believe there is a growing awareness that hyper-partisanship has not served us well, that there is a convergence of opinion (center left, independent, and center right) re-shaping attitudes. Hopefully, the time-honored art of compromise and consensus will return – without the kind of “my way or the highway” intransigence that has caused deadlock and gridlock.

    Not discussed in the news or in Cyberspace: There has been a form of bipartisan cooperation these past few years - not between the executive and legislative branches but between the executive branch and the Fed. Granted, there are voices from the Fringe that regard the Fed as a secretive government entity in the business of printing money – a gross mischaracterization. Like the judiciary, the purpose of long-term Fed appointments is to remove short-term politics from the business of making monetary policy. In this instance, a president from one party has worked cooperatively and effectively with a Fed chairman appointed by the other party.

    All too often citizens forget history and forget the reasons why a Federal Reserve Bank was created: To smooth boom and bust cycles that disrupt economic activity. The key word is “stabilization,” not regulation. Yet, a paranoid fringe suspects conspiracies in everything.

    In many ways, the Great Recession was – systemically speaking - worse than the Great Depression. As much as we resented bailouts and the TARP program, these were necessary steps to restore the flow of credit – the lifeblood of all business activity. Arguably, the TARP program was mismanaged: There were no strings attached and no guarantees of bailout funds being more precisely focused on credit restoration. These faults I blame of then Treasury Secretary Paulson, and a long, slow, agonizing recovery has been the result. Nevertheless, the meltdown of the Great Recession would have been far more severe and pervasive without these actions.

    1. If a Republican is "elected" president in 2016. Then the Dems will work with him to get things accomplished. Which appears to be the Repub strategy going forward. Another Dem can't be elected president without the Repubs doing things that will cause economic harm and inflict pain on the American people. Vote Republican or else!

    2. Interesting point DS. It shows the difference between democrats and republicans when it comes to elections. Democrats want to show accomplishments the they have worked for. Republicans stress failures of their opposition. One is about doing things. The other is about prevent things from being done. Positive vs negative.

  4. Is there any evidence to support this "interesting point"?

    1. That's an evasion, Jerry. Is there anything conclusive and objective concerning Dems vs Republicans concerning their campaign ads as your have described?

      Or is this just a feeling, and evidence be damned?

    2. If that is an answer to the first question in my most recent comment... then yes, the lack of evidence is quite clear.

    3. Anyway, Jerry, I looked around for anything authoritative as to whether Republicans or Democrats rely on negative campaigning more. I found a few "Studies" by sites/sources on the Right in my initial look claiming Dems were more negative. Considering the source, I did not find them much worth it. Not much beyond that.

  5. The only problem with free speech is that no matter how ludicrous the prevarication, it will persuade
    some. We recall it worked for Adolf Hitler.

    1. BB:

      "We usually think that wars could be prevented if only people could talk to each other and share their feelings. But Hitchhiker's Guide turns this notion around, noting that wars are started because people can communicate. Oops. "

      From "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams.

      He wrote this just about before Gore invented the Internet, and definitely before ISIS/etc were organizing their 10th century wars using 21st century technology.

    2. Personally I think it is wonderful that Al Gore "invented" the internet. dmarks seems to think it is a bad thing, frequently referring to Gore as a boob for "inventing" it. I say that if dmarks doesn't like the internet he shouldn't use it.


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