Monday, August 25, 2014

Is It Time For The Ascendancy Of The Libertarian Party?...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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With America's two major parties unable to get much done these days, and with both stuck in old paradigms or just plan nonsense, it is time, IMNHO (in my never humble opinion)to consider alternative minor parties. Libertarian is not a bad choice, although not one that would be endorsed by Ayn Rand, and for hose who have read her thoroughly know this. Nonetheless, the Libertarian party offers an attractive alternative for those concerned with an overreaching overarching federal government.

PEW REASERCH CENTER - The question of whether libertarianism is gaining public support has received increased attention, with talk of a Rand Paul run for president and a recent New York Times magazine story asking if the “Libertarian Moment” has finally arrived. But if it has, there are still many Americans who do not have a clear sense of what “libertarian” means, and our surveys find that, on many issues, the views among people who call themselves libertarian do not differ much from those of the overall public.

About one-in-ten Americans (11%) describe themselves as libertarian and know what the term means. Respondents were asked whether the term “libertarian” describes them well and — in a separate multiple-choice question — asked for the definition of “someone whose political views emphasize individual freedom by limiting the role of government”; 57% correctly answered the multiple-choice question, choosing “libertarian” from a list that included “progressive,” “authoritarian,” “Unitarian” and “communist.” On the self-description question 14% said they were libertarian. For the purpose of this analysis we focus on the 11% who both say they are libertarian and know the definition of the term.

These findings come from the Pew Research Center’s political typology and polarization survey conducted earlier this year, as well as a recent survey of a subset of those respondents via the Pew Research Center’s new American Trends Panel, conducted April 29-May 27 among 3,243 adults.

Self-described libertarians tend to be modestly more supportive of some libertarian positions, but few of them hold consistent libertarian opinions on the role of government, foreign policy and social issues.

Perhaps it is time for a multiparty parliamentarian system in the USA.

What say you?

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  1. You chose an excellent source (Pew).

  2. According to PEW, who describe at least nine political types, the libertarians attract the lowest number of women . Not sure whether to blame the non-emotional 'objectivism', or Ayn Rand's dress

  3. Probably the dress, hair, and make-up tastes of Ayn Rand. My wife, as well as other women I know were good with Objectivism but hated her style choices.

  4. I think that a lot depends on the brand of libertarianism. If it's pure anarcho-capitalism a la Robert Higgs, Yaron Brook, etc. (both of whom I like but the public would never accept), it doesn't stand a chance. But if it's the type of compromise libertarianism the likes of which Milton Friedman espoused and what Charles Murray is currently espousing, I totally agree, it has a very good chance.

  5. Yes, even Ayn Rand would not endorse Libertarianism precisely because she knew the logical outcome of Libertarianism is anarchy, something she viewed as anything but objective.


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