Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hillary on Ferguson Missouri... Silence

by Les Carpenter
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Clinton has not yet commented on the situation in Ferguson. | M.Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO
On Ferguson Missouri Hillary Rodham Clinton has yet a peep to make. Yet all the while Rev. Sharpton is his hallmark pontificating self.

Former First Lady and Secretary of State acting as the measured and reasonable candidate for the democratic 2016 presidential nomination she hopes to be is rightly waiting for all the evidence to be weighed and the grand jury to render it's decision. Rev. Sharpton is busy being himself.

Refreshing it is indeed when a serious candidate for the highest office in our land decides to withhold comment until it is appropriate.

POLITICO- Hillary Clinton ignored reporters’ questions about the racial conflict in Ferguson, Missouri, on Sunday at the end of a book-signing event in Westhampton Beach, a vacation enclave near her rented summer house.

Clinton, the potential 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful who has been vacationing in the Hamptons since the first full week of August, has not yet commented on the situation in Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, where an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown was killed by a police officer two weeks ago.

Since then, there have been protests marked by arrests and clashes with police, and a national debate about race and the militarization of police departments.

(Also on POLITICO: Gov. Nixon: Review of military equipment 'worthy')

Two reporters called out questions to Clinton about her thoughts on Ferguson after she had wrapped up at Books & Books on Main Street in Westhampton Beach, a store owned by former Simon & Schuster executive Jack McKeown. (Simon & Schuster is the publisher of her new book, “Hard Choices.”)

Clinton ignored the questions and kept walking toward a rear entrance of the book store.

The Rev. Al Sharpton, at a rally in Ferguson last weekend, pushed toward the future, calling on all the 2016 potential candidates, including Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush, to comment on the situation. Clinton is the clear front-runner for the Democratic nomination.

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  1. I actually posted on this on the Swash Zone, maybe on a Wednesday, based upon Mr. Johnson's chilling testimony, given to the press as the soul survivor of this deadly encounter, with an older man's hand upon his shoulder the entire time he stood before the cameras.

    I withdrew my post upon learning about the crime committed. I took the young man at his word. Then I was completely embarrassed. Michael Brown's friend was at the scene of the convenience store robbery. Why should we trust him to give a fair account? I've got nothing to say. There is an FBI investigation. Nothing further for anybody at all to say until further evidence is ascertained.

    Nobody needs to hear any words from me. Why should we expect Hillary Clinton to weigh in?

  2. Exactly, Les. But waiting until all the facts are in didn't stop certain people on certain blogs from calling Michael Brown a "thug." It's the knee-jerk epithet used whenever an unarmed African-American young man is shot. However, I have never, never read that label thrown at the heavily armed young white men after they've massacred grammar school children, people at a movie theater, or people meeting their congressional representative at a mall. Never are those mass murderers labeled "thugs."

    1. Thugs -- the heavily armed white men at Clievn Bundy's ranch.

    2. When I think of a thug, I think of someone who lives a lifestyle of crime, including assault. I disagree with the left-wing racists' argument about the term (saying it applies only to blacks). Around my area, there are few blacks, and almost all the thugs are white. To paraphrase and then correct Cornel West: race matters.... only to racists.

      As for the heavily armed white men at the Bundy ranch, I don't care what race they are... and as for them being thugs, if they have a reputation for committing crimes, I would agree that they are indeed thugs. Is such information pending, Jerry?

    3. Hm, good point Jerry. I am a fiscally conservative Libertarian but don't expect the Tea P folks to understand this.

    4. Shaw, your point is taken. They are much worse than thugs, they are as you point out mass murders. And, I do seem to recall the news media used terminology that classified them as going beyond just "thuggery."

  3. Threatening federal agents is a crime. They should have been arrested.

  4. I found this too, Jerry. You are correct. And it is not too late to bring these thugs to justice.

  5. Bully for Hillary for staying out of a local police matter and not fanning the flame (I'm still voting for Gary, though).


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