Friday, August 8, 2014

As the Evil Grows...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

The face ofevil, growing rapidly and determined to overtake the Middle East and eventually the world. All in the name of a backwards, barbaric, liberty hating, women hating, and reason hating cult called Islam. A cult established by a barbaric authoritarian dictatorial madman named Mohammed. Called the "Prophet, piss be upon him, he prophesied the destruction of those who dare to believe differently.

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  1. The news isn't all bad. There are a couple reports that the Kurds have reached the Yazidis and have started a rescue mission.

    Part of the bad news is that Americans still don't accept the government's abject failure in installing
    Maliki's partisan government which cracked down on the Sunnis, killed peaceful demonstrators
    and generally made things so miserable for the Sunni population that it is willing to ally with these mooks. It's so much easier to just spout the usual rhetoric.

  2. Yep duckman, tis by far better to affix all blame on the USA, and your president, than to hold ISIS responsible for their barbarism and the cult they worship.

    Yep, quack, quack, quack...

    1. RN: I agree with this comment. There is NO excuse for the Sunni population, whatever their trials and tribulations, to turn into or support savages like this. You can't justify psychopathy.

  3. Les, you write on this subject with the same level of verve/passion as Sam Harris, Pat Condell, and the late, great, Christopher Hitchens. Please, keep up the fiery effort and never back down to tyranny.

  4. These lice infested animals deserve no sympathy, tolerance, or attempt to understand their sick pathetic mentality.

    At this point my only criticism of Obama's response is it is too god damned wussy. Time for carpet bombing scorched earth tactics. These useless shitbags don't understand reason, they only understand blinding destructive force and therefore it must be used AGAINST them.

    Islam is again on the march and the primary goal is to force the world to convert to their cult, subjugate those who don't to sharia, or kill them. What the scum want is the most vile form of tyranny.

    BTW, I can take a lot of BS and compromise on most things, on this the sympathizing, understanding, tolerant left can now eat my shorts. I no longer accept backing away has any chance of success. What the world now needs is a Netanyahu in every free civilized nation on the face of the earth.

    1. RN: Hamas, Hesbollah etc are the same and also have no place in a civilized world.

    2. Problem is that the more desperate people become the more radical they become.

      And believing that military responses will put this back in the bottle is foolish.
      So you're stuck and they sure ain't asking for any sympathy. Bad situation.

    3. As with defeating Nazism, military responses aren't just an option... they are the only option.

      As for desperation = radical, nice simple idea. But it doesn't work like that in the real world. Bin Laden was wealthy and privileged, after all.

  5. Some of Sam Harris's greatest hits, Les. I think that you'll enjoy them (especially the final one) - "The only problem with Islamic fundamentalism are the fundamentals of Islam.............The truth is that Islam is quite a bit scarier and more culpable for needless human misery at this moment than Christianity has been for a very long time. And we have to point this out.............The refrain that all religions have their extremists is bullshit. All religions don't have these extremists. Some religions have never had these extremists.............There are very few of us who lie awake at night worrying about the Amish. This is not an accident.............We have this single book (the Quran) which is imagined to be the best book on any subject ever written, never to be superseded by any human effort at any point in the future. Now this is a problem because this is a profoundly mediocre book.............Extremism isn't a problem as long as your core beliefs are truly nonviolent.............Was all of this pious mayhem (in response to the Danish cartoon); the burning of embassies, the killing of nuns - was all that some sort of great flowering of spiritual and ethical intelligence? Or was it egregious medieval stupidity? Come to think of it, it was egregious medieval stupidity."

  6. Those with half a memory recall that the killing of nuns is not limited to to Muslim extremists . That said,
    the attraction to Muslim fundamentalism (and as Will correctly notes) its medieval precepts, Sharia
    Law and degradation of women is beyond plain logic.

    1. BB: Also reminded of the Serbian wars against Kosovo and Bosnia... all urged on and sanctioned by the Serbian Orthodox Church, with civilians being incinerated in industrial ovens, mass rapes, and yes, crucifixion (this time BY Christians). The Muslims were the victims in this one.

    2. And yes, BB, it was quiet medieval. The Serbs were openly venting about grudges dating back 600 years.


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