Thursday, July 10, 2014

Israel Again On The Defense...

by: Les Carpenter
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The nation of Israel, a target of Arab Islamic terrorism since its inception again finds it necessary to defend itself from attacks by Hamas. While the world will rightly decry Palestinian deaths resulting from Israeli defensive airstrikes, it is also likely many in the USA and other western nations will be critical of Israel and her necessary response to Hamas, a terrorist organization at it's core.

GAZA CITY — The number of reported Palestinian deaths from Israeli airstrikes rose Thursday while rockets fired by Hamas struck farther into Israeli territory, targeting Tel Aviv and other cities.

Israel claimed Thursday that Hamas is firing a rocket into Israel at a rate of about one every 10 minutes. Israel's military arrived at the figure based on its claims that Hamas has fired more than 400 rockets at Israel in less than three days.

That assessment comes as Israel dramatically escalated its aerial assault in Gaza for a third day Thursday, hitting hundreds of Hamas targets as its missile defense system, Iron Dome, once again intercepted incoming rockets.

Military spokesman Peter Lerner said Thursday that Israel struck more than 300 Hamas targets overnight, focusing on underground tunnel networks and rocket-launching sites. That brought the total number of targets hit to 750.

The military said it struck a car in Gaza carrying three Islamic jihad militants involved in firing rockets, raising the Palestinian death toll to at least 84. About half were women and children, though the exact breakdown remains unclear, according to Gaza's Health Ministry. At least 22 of those deaths reportedly occurred Thursday.


Israel has not reported any deaths of its citizens since both sides intensified their aerial campaigns this week in a tense scenario that has threatened to spill over into a possible Israeli ground invasion of Gaza.

But the longer range of the rockets fired from Gaza has disrupted life across southern and central Israel, where people have been forced to remain close to home, and kindergartens and summer camps have closed. Israeli television has been a constant news loop with updates from both sides of the border and even radio music stations were interrupting songs with news of every siren informing of incoming rockets.

Besides firing toward Israel's two largest cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Hamas also launched a rocket that reached the town of Zichron Yaakov, more than 60 miles north of Gaza.


Speaking from Beijing on Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry, who has spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said it was a "dangerous moment" for the Mideast.

Israel's offensive has halted daily life in Gaza with locals staying home while many shops, restaurants and places of work have shut their doors.

Certainly the situation in the Middle East is serious and dangerous for the entire region. If it is not permanently resolved (which is likely) it will effect the entire globe.

It seems reasonable that the question the sane nations of the world should be asking is... when will it finally be the right time to unite and put up a solid front against the Islamic terrorism that is threatening western civilization?

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  1. There is no negotiating with such evil. The area needs to be taken care of, just as Nazi Germany was in the mid 1940s.... (and yes, without MIC expansion, military adventures, etc!)

    How does one make a meeting point with a group that wants to kill off several million Jewish people? Let them kill 1/3 of the Jews and call it a compromise????

  2. Of course the problem is much larger than Hamas in Gaza. Once the Gaza problem is resolved, will the same pop up again from Hezbollah to the North? Likely.
    It would due of course for the USA to stand back and let Israel do what it needs to protect itself. Remaining neutral on the course of events. A total destruction of everything in Gaza would probably be necessary to remove further threat of rockets and missiles from Hamas. Once the other organizations seeking death to all Israelis (genocide) see the results, they will likely huff and puff but remain inactive for a considerable time.
    Harsh but true.

  3. An extreme position, however not at all suprising coming from a Donderian disciple. Having got that out of the way I must say there is a strong argument for allowing Israel to take care of business, IOW defend itself.

    It it too bad the UN won't see it that way.

    1. Les,
      in re: the UN, too true
      in re: Donderian disciple, I am from a combination of the "birch john" society (not a transposition error) and the Nockian society. Figure those two out and get back to me

  4. Should I feel the need to "get back to you" and have the time I will do so. It is however very low on my priority list.

  5. A commenter on the Free Republic says that "the Birch John Society [is] a group dedicated to the preservation of wooden toilet seats".


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