Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Putin, Obama, and Irrationality All Around...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

As the United States and the World watch and react (or not react, sometimes the best response) we are witnessing geopolitical posturing (and hyperbole) kicking into high gear. The management of this site has stocked up on healthy snacks (and not so healthy beverages :-) ) to watch the irrationality place itself out.

As much as it is tempting to pontificate on the current political idiocy unfolding before our eyes a sense of calm prevails here at Rational Nation USA. Knee jerk reactions, something our rather intellectually challenged officials and politicians in both parties seem to suffer from, are never advisable and usually always turn out badly.

Thinking Vietnam, Iraq, and the whole host of costly nation building endeavors that failed to produce the desired results the government of the United States had told the populace it would this site ain't gonna say too much. Other than provide links to several articles readership an click on for the most recent idiocy.

Putin's Press Conference Proved Merkel Right: He's Lost His Mind

Rubio, Cotton: Congress must act quickly to punish Putin, support Ukraine

"We Are Speaking Very Loudly. We Are Carrying a Small Stick."

In the Ukraine crisis, the U.S. has a credibility problem

Lindsey Graham Blames Benghazi For Ukraine Crisis

Putin's claim of no Russian troops in Crimea stuns Kerry

Obama, the feckless tyrant

Yep, I'm ready for a good stiff Scotch, straight up please.


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  1. RN: "I'm ready for a good stiff Scotch, straight up please."

    Moi aussi!

  2. Everybody (myself included) thought that Romney was off his rocker when he said that Russia was our number one problem. It appears now that he wasn't entirely incorrect.

  3. For now it seems to me Putin and Russia is the Ukrainian peoples problem Will.

    Since 70% of the Crimea is Russian speaking and pro Russian (while the balance of the Ukraine is pro western) it would be sensible to hold elections and if the majority in the region (Crimea) would rather be part of Russia let em go. The balance could relocate to other parts of the Ukraine.

    But that is too rational. Better to talk economic sanctions, rattle sabers, go on high alert, and make ourselves fell all warm and fuzzy that we're doing the "right" thing for liberty and freedom.

    But we must keep the MIC happy. Because, that Leviathan effects so many businesses and people we simply must keep feeding it. Even as we talk about trimming the bloat.

    Oy Vey.

    ... Je suis prêt pour un autre Shaw...

  4. Après je me joins à vous dans une boisson, nous chanter une petite chanson:

    Now you say you're lonely
    You cry the whole night through.
    Well, you can Crimea river, Crimea river
    I cried a river over you.

    And now you say you're sorry
    For being so untrue.
    Well, you can Crimea river, Crimea river
    'Cause I cried a river over you.

    Etes-vous heureux maintenant?

  5. Apres vous! I've already had my nightcap of Glenfiddich 18 on the rocks. Aaaaah. Perfection!

  6. Les, there are sizable segments of the Latvian, Estonian, and Lithuanian populations that are ethnically Russian, too. What if Vlad decides to annex parts of those countries next? This is naked aggression and, while I certainly don't advocate a military intervention here, I do think that there some alternative options available; kicking these assholes out of the G8, trying to rally for economic sanctions, etc..

  7. Did the President of Ukraine as Russia to if you will intercede? I seem to recall something along those lines. But hey, at my age I could be mistaken. Faulty memory and all you know.

    Now, should Putin take the action you bring up unilaterall, and it is a possibility, my position will take a 180 degree turn.

    For now I'm with Dennis Kucinich, who I was just listening to.

    In my opinion FOX, McCain, Oliver North, and most republicans are playing this primarily in the attempt to further erode support for Obama by painting him weak.

    I remain at this point solidly behind the post headline. For now. Continuing to monitor as events develop.

  8. I don't like the sabre-rattling, either, and I think that Obama has played it OK so far. I just hope that this isn't simply step one for Putin in his quest to reassemble the old Soviet Union.

  9. IMO, the ousted president spent his time constructing personal mansions, and was greatly disliked
    by the Ukranians. But he played the Russian cards (eg. Black Sea port access, numerous gas pipelines and keeping the ethnic Russo-Ukrainians happy. The idea of floating the Ukraine a $billion to pay down debt smells a lot like buying off Russia, since that is where their debt lies. Among other complications are the Euro nations that depend on the Russian gas via the Ukraine pipelines: they
    will tread lightly. Going back to the days of the Czars, Russia has worked to avoid being landlocked and the Crimea has always been their outlet to the sea. The then allies fought in the Crimea (Charge of the Light Brigade) and Sevastopol has been attacked by British, French, Turk and Wehrmacht during the years: to little effect. I agree, we should let it ride; we've 'nation built' too much lately.

  10. Anyone remember our history with Mexico?

    A little reflection may be in order here.


  11. Replies
    1. Yeah, fer sure.

      Sorta kinda like characterizing Obama as a dictatorial tyrant, yes?

      Hyperbole has no bounds and recognizes no party affiliation.

  12. Exactly. I would not be surprised if Limbaugh, Palin, McCain, or Hannity had said something similar by now, also.


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