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Liberal Professors At Rutgers University Displaying Liberal Lunacy... Want to Cancel Condoleezza Rice Invitation To Speak At Commencement Ceremony

by: Les Carpenter
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How is the public served by muzzling one of the most thoughtful, accomplished and respected political voices of her time just because she happens to be a Republican?

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was extended an invitation to speak at Rutgers University graduation ceremonies, as well as receiving an honorary degree from the University. Rutgers University obviously feels this highly intelligent, accomplished, patriotic African American woman was deserving of both the honorary degree and the speaking invitation. Most Americans would agree. Unless you happen to be a liberal professor with a political agenda.

Following is what the New Brunswick Faculty Council of Rutgers University had to say with respect to the university extending the invitation when they voted last week to ask the universities leadership to cancel their invitation.

Condoleezza Rice lacks “moral authority.” She fails to meet the standards of “exemplary citizenship” and she does not have what it takes to “inspire” graduating college seniors.

When something smells of fish, or pure political ideology run amuck, it simply smells, and badly.

Juan Williams, a rational and reasonable liberal with whom it is possible to find agreement with, finds the facts cited by the faculty council to be correct but their conclusion way off the mark.

Yes, apparently the first African-American woman to serve as National Security Adviser and the nation’s Secretary of State doesn’t have what it takes to be honored by Rutgers.

Rice holds a Ph.D. in political science. She has taught college for decades. She was Provost of Stanford University. She worked her way up from a working-class family in the segregated South to the highest echelon of world power and politics.

But according to the Rutgers faculty council, all of that is negated by her service in President George W. Bush’s administration.

They cited her roles in pushing the false claim of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They also point to her support for using enhanced interrogation techniques to get information from terror suspects.

The facts are right. The conclusion is wrong.

I, too, disagreed with many of the policies Rice faithfully supported as a member of the Bush administration. But only partisan hatred can blind the faculty to her extrao

Indeed. Only the blind pursuit of political correctness and the desire to hush the voices of those you disagree with will lead supposedly intelligent, qualified professors to partake in such blatantly partisan actions.

Read the full article and view the video BELOW THE FOLD.

As an aside, thinking about the Debo Adegbile nomination that went down in flames I see some similarities at work after here. After doing a bit more research on Adegbile it's looking more and more like groupthink and political fear may have had a part. But perhaps that's just me.

I would be most interested in hearing what my more liberal leaning readership has to say about the New Brunswick Faculty Council of Rutgers University request to nix the invitation extended to Ms. Rice, PHD and former Secretary of State.

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  1. "The facts are right. The conclusion is wrong.

    Exactly my take on denying Debo Adegbile a position he is most certainly qualified for.

    IMO, the professors are being silly and wrong, and Ms. Rice should be allowed to speak.

  2. They have already invited her, let her speak. Personally, I would skip the speech. I have no interest in what Rice has to say.

  3. We note that being a black woman with the surname Rice seems to be a bit of alightning rod ....

  4. How is the public served by muzzling one of the most thoughtful, accomplished and respected political voices of her time just because she happens to be a Republican?

    What does that have to do with Condoleezza Rice?

    I remember when she was bouncing around on one of her Middle East visits and she couldn't find anyone who would even talk with her. For once Egypt and Israel were of a mind.

    "Here comes Condeleezza.
    She's really got the blues,
    When that happens she goes
    and buys another pair of shoes."

    I agree that she should speak as invited but I would also ask what she accomplished other than wielding a PR machine that convinced the easily swayed that she was anything but a cold war hack in a changing world.

  5. Well Ducky, every one does have their opinions now Don't they?

    I take it you are not in full agreement with Juan Williams? One of your own no less.

  6. Not a big fan of either of the Rice gals (C. Rice being the worst national security adviser since McGeorge Bundy, in my opinion) but, sure, let her speak and maybe even play piano (I've heard that she's decent).

  7. The point is, LET SPEAK, I can't abide PC professors who are more into indoctrination than free expression of ideas.

    As for Condi's piano playing... Outstanding. At least what I have actually listened to. FreeThinke is a great judge of pianists and classical music in general.

    FreeThinke, perhaps you will do us the honor of weighing in with your take on Condi's playing if you've heard her?

  8. Condi Rice was a figure skater ice dancer as well. Maybe she could play the piano with her skates on, then do a double axel for a dramatic finish? Better than what she did as Secretary of State..

  9. Rice may not have been the beat SoS, and I'm not making the point she was. But unlike some I retain a certain respect for her and what she accomplished in her life. She wisely choose to stay out of elective politics. I don't say this because she lacks qualifications or ability. I simply have a certain admiration for one who knows themselves and has no lust for power.

    I'll judge Kerry, the one who could double as a mortician/undertaker, when his gig as mouthpiece for the Obama administration ends in three years.

    1. To the best of my knowledge she never lied either.

  10. "...when his gig as mouthpiece for the Obama administration ends in three years."

    Have you ever heard of a SoS who DOESN'T speak for his/her administration? Wasn't Ms. Rice a "mouthpiece" for Dubya's excellent adventures in the Middle East?

    "Mortician/undertaker?" I didn't see any snark about Ms Rice's looks. Did I miss something.

  11. Apparently, Dr. Rice will speak despite the kerfuffle. We might
    expect that some academics and ethnic peoples may boycott the event.

  12. Precisely my point. We're on the same page Shaw.

  13. To balance out your post on the "liberals' not wanting Secy. of State C. Rice speak, here are the conservatives doing the same thing to Richard Dawkins, molecular biologist:

    "In 2009, the Oklahoma state legislature critiqued Oklahoma University for hosting biologist Doctor Richard Dawkins. They were against his invitation because of his views on evolution. They called his speech “indoctrination” and said evolution “an unproven and unpopular theory.”

    When they failed to prevent Dawkins’ speech, they started investigating the school itself. They asked for communications records between them and Dawkins prior to the speech. The state wanted to know who paid for the event, and they wanted an itemized list of all the costs involved. The truth is that Dawkins actually waived his speaking fee for the event. He instead donated $5,000 to the Oklahomans for Science Education. The university apparently treated the whole thing as an annoyance."

  14. I don't get what it is with those blue dems and red repubs that skirt all the issues. What in the H do they fear so much?

    Trying to silence voices of those one disagrees with is indeed un American and certainly is not patriotic. I guess there are many on both sides who don't get that. Perhaps they missed U S. history and civics.


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