Sunday, November 17, 2013

"One Of The Best Presidents Ever"...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs-Tyranny

Well there are some, the faithful, that continue to believe that President Barack Hussein Obama is one of the best presidents ever.

Rather than pontificating on the obvious counter reasons why he is not, I think it best to put up the list by
Matthew Lynch, Ed.D for you to consider and then decide for yourself whether or not Dr. Lynch is indeed correct.

He is for The People.

He is for civil rights.

He is for one race -the human race.

He is for a healthcare system that brings hope and healing to the hurting.

He is for the middle class.

He is for women's rights.

He is for doing away with pomp and circumstance.

He is for the environment.

He is for veterans.

He is for peace.

He is for education.

He is for entertaining the masses.

Okay, I know, I know. But before dismissing out of hand (or laughing) go HERE and get to the meat and justification for Dr. Lynch's one of the best presidents evah list.

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  1. First of all, it's too soon to be talking about whether or not Mr. Obama is the "best president ever." That's just silly. he has three full years yet to go. That's an eternity in political terms.

    Second, how short the memories are of certain people. President Reagan is considered one of the most popular post-war presidents and yet he presided over the criminal Iran-Contra scandal where dozens of people in his administration were criminally indicted!

    The roll-out of the A.C.A. is hardly criminal, but it has been bungled. If that's the worst so far, then compared with President Reagan whose presidency was involved in criminal activity, what has happened is a mere bump in his second term.

    Try as they have, the TeaPublicans could not turn the Benghazi tragedy into a cover-up scandal, nor could they do so with the IRS issue. There was no criminality involved. Unlike, President Reagan.

    Anyway, as I said, it's silly to make any judgement on Mr. Obama's presidency. That will take years. But it is amusing to read the bloggers who've pronounced him a failure. Juvenile at best.

  2. Well yes, I agree. Perhaps someone should talk to Dr. Lynch.

    Thinking on how Reagan and Iran-Contra were relevant since the post did not even allude to President Obama and any criminal activity on his part.

  3. I think Obama's legacy will be mixed. He will be liked and respected in retirement. His legacy is not really his, per se. It's a legacy built in an era of politics getting to the point where it's keeping the government from working. There was only so much he could do.

    I hope eventually the American people get tired of the anti-government snake-oil salesmen breaking the government to prove it doesn't work.


    1. And in regards to your last sentence, they already have. No one who is anti-government gets any traction or gets elected.

    2. Anti-government politicians get traction and get elected all the time. Many within the Republican party run on this. The Tea Party is even more anti-government and they got a few representative in. Seriously I do not know WTF Dennis is thinking with that claim.

  4. I am puzzled .

    jmj, who I usually disagree with on shall we say policy and philosophy makes a gopd point. Essentially I agree.

    Government is not bad in and of itself. Government, such as our republic, is good or bad as the result of how the individuals we elect govern. There certainly has been reason to be damn upset with those who we have elected to govern.

  5. But trying to sabotage government and mislead people in an effort to preserve special interest and the influence of money makes no sense.

    On the other hand we see individuals like Gohmert, Paul, Cruz, Rubio, Bachmann, and others that spend a lot of time at least talking and pushing the limited government less is more meme. Whether they truly believe it is something I question.

  6. So dmarks, if you do not feel the limited, or anti government Tea Party is getting any travtion what do you suggest? Advocating anarchy and the absence of government?

  7. RN: I did not say that I felt the "the limited, or anti government Tea Party is getting any traction..."

    JMJ did not use the word "limited". There is a huge difference between advocating limited govenment, and being "anti-government". He is careless and sloppy to equate the two.

    "what do you suggest? Advocating anarchy and the absence of government?"

    Try again? That question didn't make sense.

  8. It made perfect sense if understood in tHe context I intended.

    Phrased another way, for anyone who believes the anti government folks, generally viewed as the Tea Party or TPublican folks by the left, feel their message isn't getting any traction then the question is , how about anarchy?

    At any rate this is off topic as the post was well, about one individuals belief Oama will be one of the greatest presidents ever and why.

    Perhaps ACA has special provisions to handle ADD?

    1. As long as you realize " the left" really leaves it open to a matter of false perception..

      As for the one individual, keeping with the spirit of not counteracting the political points, the "entertaining for the masses" point is odd, odd indeed. At worst, it is a support for "bread and circuses". At its best and most innocuous, it posits Obama as a vaudeville juggler on stage.

  9. As does "viewed by the right", wouldn't you agree?


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