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Emotionalism From the Left Having Desired Effect...

by: Les Carpenter
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LA Times - At least six people were arrested Thursday night in San Bernardino after rocks and bottles were thrown and officers and pedestrians were attacked in a protest against the George Zimmerman trial verdict.

The incident began about 8 p.m. as marchers moved south along Highland Avenue and were joined by others not initially involved with what was a peaceful protest at that point, according to police.

Protesters ended up at a Jack in the Box restaurant near Waterman Avenue and Baseline Street and began hurling rocks and bottles at passing vehicles and officers who arrived at the scene, said Lt. Mike Madden of the San Bernardino Police Department.

"They just saw the opportunity for civil unrest," Madden told the Los Angeles Times.

Officers gave orders to disperse. At that point, groups of people took off running and began attacking and robbing pedestrians, according to police.

Two of the six people arrested were taken into custody on suspicion of strong-arm robbery, Madden said.

Police late Thursday were still monitoring roving groups of people in the streets. {}

Not doubt the left is proud?

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  1. "Officers gave orders to disperse. At that point, groups of people took off running and began attacking and robbing pedestrians, according to police."

    Honoring Trayvon Martin by acting like him, I see.

    1. Now Now dmarks, you're not sopposed to mention (or discuss) Mr. Trayvon Martin's brushes with the law for his incidences of questionable behavior during his short life. Don't cha know?

  2. Nice racial slander, dmarks. When did Trayvon Martin attack and rob a pedestrian?

    For your information, Martin had NO police record. None. Why did you slander him. He's dead, you know.

    Isn't the fact that the kid is dead and buried enough to satisfy your gloating?

    I'd like to see if you had the courage to say what your wrote to Trayvon Martins' parents.

    Would you do that?

  3. In 2005, at the age of 21, George Zimmerman was charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, after shoving an officer while a friend of Zimmerman's was being questioned about underage drinking. The charges were reduced, then dropped when Zimmerman entered a pre-trial diversion program. Also in 2005, Zimmerman's ex-fiancée filed a restraining order against him, alleging domestic violence.

    At the time of those charges, George Zimmerman was an adult 21 year old.

    Trayvon Martin was just past his 17th birthday when he was killed. Does dmarks think Martin is the only kid who smoked some pot or made some stupid mistakes before he turned 17?

    If dmarks had included Zimmerman's adult assaults, that would be fair enough, but he didn't, he mocked a dead kid based on what? I don't know.

    Now, now we're not supposed to mention (or discuss) Mr. Zimmerman's brushes with the law for his incidences of questionable behavior during his longer than Trayvon Martin's life. Don't cha know?

    Let me ask dmarks again. What was the purpose of suggestion Martin was a hoodlum, but not Zimmerman who was actually charged with assault?

    Can't you answer that?

    1. Fair enough Shaw. But my real point is, demonstrated by my many comments spread about sites, tit for tat accomplishes little to nothing. As an example take note of my response to Anon below.

      dmarks can address your remarks from his particular take. I speak only for myself.

    2. Yes, tit for tat accomplishes nothing. I've not excused any thing Zimmerman did, but Shaw is now brushing off Martin's criminal activity by saying he wasn't the only kid who did it.

  4. And, to be fair, I am not sure if robbery is on his long rap sheet of crime and dangerous behavior.

  5. a boy is dead, and emotions are not allowed?

    1. Google Antonio West. A 13 month old white child shot dead, MURDERED allegedly by two two BLACK teenagers.

      Where I ask you is the emotinalism over this? Where is the outcry? Could Antonio been the President's son. Could he have been Antonio? Where is the natio's outcry?

      Oh, that's right, that would be racist.

      Get the point Anon?

    2. Anon asked: "a boy is dead, and emotions are not allowed?"

      Emotions are allowed, of course, if you believe in throwing rational action and reason on the window, and just believe in blowing your stack and committing violent crimes on a whim.

    3. No, you are asking where is the media, political outcry similar to what happened in this case. All I responded to was your ridiculous ASSumption that emotion is not allowed, and I will add, people did get emotional over that killing. Didn't need to Google it, I knew about it. Why ASSume I was being racist, I never mentioned race, just that a kid was dead. You put race into it with your comment.

    4. Anon said: "No, you are asking where is the media..."

      Quote me where I asked this...

      "All I responded to was your ridiculous ASSumption that emotion is not allowed"

      Or this....

      You won't. Wow, what a brain-dead moron you are.

    5. Whatevet Anon @ 6:05 PM. Again you are wrong, ad usual.

  6. "Not doubt the left is proud?"

    WTF, Les?


    1. I know, I lnow, it takes a lot of introspection on the part of lefties to understand how the heated race baiting by the Jackson's and Sharpton's of the world (and now Obama) might just have an effect on people and produce the behavior observed in the video.

      Reaping what you sow, so to speak.

    2. But if you read WD, Col. Fried Chicken, whatever he is, the Sharptons of the world at not racist at all.

      WD has made up his own personal definition of racism.

  7. RN,

    This isn't about how many blacks kill whites, how many whites kill blacks or how many white on white and black on black murders are committed.

    Here's why this case caused such an uproar:

    Zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed teen. The only witness to what happened and the subsequent death was Zimmerman. He went to the police station where they listened to his story and they let him go. Period. Gun for evidence was not impounded, as well as other evidence which was not secured. Zimmerman said he feared for his life; the cops said that's good enough for them. End of story.

    Until people heard about the way the killing was handled. It was over a month before Zimmerman was questioned again.

    The killing of the baby you mentioned above is unimaginably horrible. Did you not read the fact that the killers were found charged and thrown in jail to await their trials?

    Comparing other horrible murders to the Zimmerman/Martin case is pointless.

    Even the one I mentioned, the Dunn/Davis killing where Michael Dunn shot his gun into an SUV full of teens because they mouthed off to him and played loud music isn't the same as Zimmerman/Martin case.

    The Dunn/Davis case has actual live witnesses who saw what happened. I don't think Dunn will get away with the murder he committed even though he told the police he was never so scared in all his life and is using the Stand Your Ground excuse.

    1. Tit for tat, not productive. But you know that.

      1) I get your points.

      2) I understand your points.

      3) I agree with some of your valid points, I disagree with others.

      4) This is why I have stated justice was not served. Yet at the same time under Fla. law the verdict was correct. I have run out of time explaining.

      5) I have read the history of Antonio West. As well as the outcome. Most haven't.

      6) Do you understand my point and why I chose to make it in the way I did?

      7) I hope so...

  8. I suppose, Shaw, that Zimmerman's past domestic abuse problem might qualify him prime time show on MSNBC.


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