Monday, July 1, 2013

As We Keep Doing the Same Things and Expecting Different Results...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
-vs- Tyranny

This individual has enjoyed his four plus years spent political blogging. It has been my pleasure to encounter some very intelligent individuals from the conservative libertarian side as well as from the liberal progressive side. Of course the downside has been there are are in fact some really dumb individuals on both sides. Individuals that lack the ability as well as the desire to even consider that there may be a different and possibly better way of looking at and approaching issues. I'm sure you all know somebody like that.

For me the journey has been informative and instructional. All of us develop our values, principles, and aspirations based in large share on our early life experience. For those with active and inquiring minds I'm fairy certain you understand. For those who prefer the known and avoid the temporary mind chaos of considering and sorting out new ideas and concepts, well turn in to Fox News or MSNBC.

After 61 years of a rather eventful (and stressful) life it simply astounds me that given all the changes in technology, the increased knowledge we have gained (especially in science), and the opportunities for economic growth and expansion that we have remained relatively stuck in the status qua. I suppose that is because humans my their nature prefer the known over the unknown.

So, we keep clinging to the data points we learned as children and young adults. Believing that doing so preserves our comfort zone and thereby our emotional and mental security. This phenomenon is not specific to just conservatives, it in fact extends to liberals. Regardless of political ideology, proclivities, or indoctrination people being people respond to what they know positively. Being open to different concepts and possible ways of doing things is, well, frightening for many. Perhaps most.

It has been said that the definition of insanity is to repeatedly do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

America has sadly arrived at that low point.

To crib Forest Gump... " And that's all I have to say about that."


  1. Wise words especially about Fox and MSNBC. Those who are fans of either one; those who think one is really any different from the other.... those folks really don't have anything to bring to the table, do they?

  2. Great post and words of wisdom. Perhaps true wisdom (and intelligence) is considering and reconsidering one's own views and even worldview when new perspectives and evidence arise. Too many people today cannot do that and we suffer as a nation for it.

    1. Thanks LCR. It is indeed unfortunate that so many are either unable or unwilling to question their long held views, even in the face of new data points.

      What is even more disturbing is when those who do question old paradigms and find flaws get criticized and chastized by BOTH the right and left. One side for not marching in lockstep with the choir leaders ans the other for being hypocrites. It is insanity and it is hurting this nation.

      We are no longer a nation of independent thinkers. Rather we have allowed ourselves to become a nation of people who prefer to follow the most vocal, good looking, and charismatic politicians regardless of ability, intellect, and integrity.

      Unfortunately the worst examples of the above are found in the republican party. A party whose leadership, with only a few exceptions even understands their party is losing relevancy. Put another way we may be facing an entire generation of one party rule.

      At any rate, until the nation decides it is time to start thinking outside of the boxes of it's old paradigms we're all screwed. Pointing fingers and refusing to work together out of stubbornness will get us right to where we are today.

      As Forest Gump would say... "And that's all I have to say about that."

  3. The fact that Bush and Obama were both able to resurrect the long since discredited concept of Keynesianism (using overspending and overleveraging as a cure for overspending and overleveraging) was especially telling, I think.

    1. It was. Yet we continue to grow Keynesians like tomatoes. Go figure.

  4. Paul Ryan is one of those. His solution to overspending is even more overspending.

    To some, a difference in the rate of government increase of a few percent makes Ryan an evil, social Darwinist Objectivist who wants to eliminate government.

    Those at fault here are Ryan, for offering nothing new/better, and the hyper-demonizing Democrats.

    1. I advocate Objectivism as it is a superior (as well as more consistent) philosophical system over all others. Of particular strength is the concept of rational self interest. A concept the left equates to social Darwinism. Probably due to a lack understanding of the true basis of rational self interest. But try getting someone from the left to even consider a reasonable discussion of the concept. They equate it with selfishness and nothing could be further from the truth. But their minds are made up and are closed as tight as a drum to reasonable discussion. But that is a subject for another time perhaps.

      Ryan is NOT an Objectivist. He IS a Keynesian and big government statist. Hr differs from the democrats ONLY in how he would spend the taxpayers money. The end result? Continued BIG deficits and rising national dept.

      But hey, NOBODY is interested in an earnest and honest discussion of this MAJOR issue/problem.

      Ho Hum...

  5. Les said: "Ryan is NOT an Objectivist. He IS a Keynesian and big government statist."

    I know that. I hope you didn't think that I was attacking Ryan as an Objectivist. My point was more that it is so silly to call Ryan any sort of Objectivist, heartless radical against the poor and social welfare, etc (not that those insults are even similar... or are all insults, even). when he wants to increase social spending just like the Democrats... different only in minor ways.

    "They equate it with selfishness"

    The left advocates selfishness, alright. The selfishness of the rulers, who in leftist and socialist ideology are given some sort of divine pass. In leftist/socialist ideology, the selfishness of a ruling elite member amassing incredible power over people is sacred, while the "selfishness" of the ruled wanting to control their own lives and products of their labor and effort is considered evil.


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