Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One Can Only Imagine...

by: Les Carpenter
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I suppose anything is a possibility.

Washington Examiner - Hillary Clinton hasn't stepped into the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries yet and there's already buzz growing for the ultimate grrl power ticket: Clinton and first lady Michelle Obama.

"All due respect for President Obama and Vice President Biden, but that would truly be a dream team for America," said former Clinton spokeswoman Karen Finney. "Both women are proven effective leaders who've raise children, so dealing with Congress would be a snap!" added Finney, also a former Democratic Party spokeswoman.

"More than anything else, this reflects the growing awareness that it is time for the glass ceiling of the last old boys club to be firmly shattered," added Democratic strategist Chris Lehane.

t's not just talk. Bumper stickers reading "2016-Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama," and "Hillary-Michelle 2016 First First Lady Ticket For President" are popping up. Cafe Press said sales of the Hillary-Michelle bumper sticker saw a 60% increase from December to March, with the largest uptick in March.

"I look forward to the day when a woman can run for the presidency without so much parody and fanfare," said former Al Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile.

Democratic strategists say that Clinton is a lock to get into the race. Not only is she far ahead of Biden and others in polls, she still has a strong donor network from her 2008 campaign. Former advisor Terry McAuliffe recently told Secrets that she will make up her mind next year. President Obama has also talked Clinton up, choosing her as the only retiring Cabinet secretary to hold an outgoing "60 Minutes" interview with.

Recently, there has been some talk that Obama would be a good Illinois Senate candidate after the White House, much like Clinton, who ran for and won a Senate seat in New York. But teaming her with Clinton would create a political and fundraising force that would be impossible to beat on the Democratic side.

Pollster John Zogby, however, questions if the ticket would sell. "Hillary and Michelle are both very popular and accomplished, but this smacks of too much celebrity and is a tad too dynastic for American voters," he said. "An interesting reality show, yes. A ticket, no."

And if they did run and win, questions would turn to the husbands. Suggested Finney: "They could play golf and help support their wive's agenda."

Many are fine with a women President. Where are all the qualified conservative and or libertarian women with leadership ability? PROVEN leadership ability. Time to start grooming some for the future...

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  1. What proven abilities has Michelle shown? Maybe it is the fact that she is proud of this country for four years or that she wears expensive dresses. Could it be that she denied admission to the poor at the hospital she was affiliated with, that shows leadership.

    Hillary was an undistinguished Senator and lame secretary of state, but she did put in a lot of miles staying away from hubby.

    I guess they couldn't do any worse than the current leaderless administration.

  2. Jeb versus Hillary would be epic (though, yes, dynastic, too, as the author states).

  3. Michelle as VP candidate? Way to set the bar way lower than Sarah Palin in terms of qualifications and experience.

  4. "We love Hillary! Clinton smashes record books to become most admired woman in HISTORY after winning annual poll 17 times

    "Secretary of State was first named Gallup's Most Admired Woman in 1993
    Finished second to Mother Teresa in 1995 and 1996 and Laura Bush in 2001 but she has won every year since Eleanor Roosevelt is the second most admired woman in the poll's 52-year history with 13 wins, followed by Margaret Thatcher and Jacqueline Kennedy."

    skudrunner and dmarks sound like a couple of catty sour pusses who can't stand the fact that Hillary Clinton is beloved and admired AROUND THE WORLD AND IN THE US.

    I doubt very much that Mrs. Obama has any interest in running for public office, never mind the vice presidency. She has too much talent for that.

    skudrunner and dmarks, you both will always have Sarah Palin. She's the epitome of conservative hot lady politicians and intellect. WooHoo!

    1. Can't say these two would be my choice for the position(s), because of differences on philosophy, limits on the power of the federal government, and the it takes a village concept you understand.

      Having said the above, Effectiveness does seem to be a trademark of these two women. Of course Hillary has shown her qualification however how did you arrive at your assessment of the First Lady's qualifications? And just how does one have "to much talent for that', public office/vice president?

      As for Sarah Palin, she is not nearly as "dumb" as some progressives make her out to be. She just isn't cur out for prime time politics. Guess FOX must have arrived at that conclusion as well.

    2. Shaw: You read way to carelessly. I did not criticize Hillary at all here. In fact, her resume and experience and qualifications are sufficient for this.

      I was however pointing out MO's very thin resume and low qualifications for being a "Heartbeat away from the Presidency". Objectively, worse than Sarah Palin.

      Your own statement about Michelle alludes to this fact, Shaw. She hasn't run for public office, nor does she has any of the very important experience which comes from winning such elections and being a Senator, governor, or even mayor of the smallest town imaginable.

      I know over at "progressive erupts", you guys think I am Skudrunner. Perhaps that is your excuse for slamming me over Skud's criticism of Hillary when in fact I said nothing.

    3. Ms. Shaw
      Public opinion and qualifications are not the same. Not that it matters to voters but can you point to one qualification Michelle has to run for office. At least he husband was in politics and we see how that is turning out.

  5. I had gained a lot of respect for Hillary... until Benghazi, and her incompetancy, scary bashing of First Amendment freedoms, and her immature outburst behavior at the hearings when she said it didn't matter why it happened.

  6. For both, ahem, dmarks and skudrunner: Can you please at least learn to read carefully. Please. Nowhere do I say MO should run for any public office. RN posted the item where that is discussed. I then commented that Hillary was quite popular with Americans and even worldwide. Aside from that, she's qualified to run for the presidency.

    I said nothing of the sort about MO. I even stated that she's too talented to run for the vice presidency, meaning she should use her intellect and experience of Washington at some point to do something ground-breaking.

    Both skudrunner and dmarks jump to conclusions and assign to me things I've never written. That's sloppy and lazy.

    Please stop. Thanks.

  7. Shaw: You have made the same "sloppy and lazy" mistake twice now, insisting on "jumping to conclusions". As part of learning to read carefully, scroll up to your comment where you specifically bashed me as a "catty sour puss" over something I had said about Hillary. Then scroll above that and find where I had said one single thing about Hillary.

    Big "oops" huh? I expect crickets. I can't recall the last time Shaw owned up to something like this.

    For those who are still too lazy, I will be glad to repeat my completely Hillary-free comment and the subsequent insult based on my statement about Hillary contained there in.

  8. Here are you words, dmarks, about MO and "setting the bar low:"

    "Michelle as VP candidate? Way to set the bar way lower than Sarah Palin in terms of qualifications and experience."

    You state that without taking into consideration that MO has been at the very front of a presidency and in on everything that it encompasses. She probably knows more about how Washington works than does Sarah Palin.

  9. "Here are you words, dmarks, about MO and "setting the bar low:"

    Thanks for not making your mistake a third time. As everyone reading this knows, I had said absolutely nothing about HILLARY prior to your retort of "...dmarks [sounds] like a [catty sour pus] who can't stand the fact that Hillary Clinton is beloved and admired AROUND THE WORLD AND IN THE US."

    And yes, now that we are actually discussing something I said about MO, you do make a good point about her.

  10. I don't think that Palin OR Mrs. Obama should run. "Dancing with the Stars" would be far more appropriate for both of them.

  11. To address the thing Shaw thought I said and didn't:

    "....he fact that Hillary Clinton is beloved and admired AROUND THE WORLD..."

    This matters nothing to me, for Democrats or Republicans and other. Under the Constitution, the opinion of individuals outside our borders, who typically have a combination of ignorance of American affairs or outright ill will (they see the US as an enemy and want the nation to do badly, or to become weak and serve their country), have absolutely no weight at all.


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