Friday, March 15, 2013

He's Back! Like the Bad Habit That Just Won't Go Away...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
-VS- Tyranny

And just when we thought (and hoped) the pontificating socon ex Senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum had taken his last gasp of political hot air in 2012. Guess we might not be so lucky...

The Hill - Former Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum on Friday delivered an emotional address at the Conservative Political Action Conference, inspired by the death of his nephew the night before, that indicated he has no plans to fade from the political spotlight anytime soon.

Speaking to a full auditorium that received him with enthusiastic but sometimes uneven applause, Santorum attacked the left for currying favor with Americans by offering "stuff" and charged that conservatives need to stand by their principles.

"What does it profit a movement to gain the count and lose its own soul?" he said.

And in a line that echoed Romney's comment about losing because President Obama gave certain demographic groups "gifts," Santorum charged that "the left can always promise more stuff."

Nice Rick, you're sounding like the broken record that you are.

"If all we do this weekend is offer Americans a better way to get more stuff in hopes that this will dull their pain, we and America will lose," he said.

Rick, you are sounding exactly like you did in 2012. Here's an idea for ya, get a new template. The old one has worn thin. Maybe tiy and the Mittens can get together and work on "A Plan."
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Could this be the future?

Just saying...

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  1. It takes a lot to make Obama look acceptable. Rick Santorum does.

    1. Rick Santorum would make The Donald look acceptable. As much as I have differences with the President's fiscal positions Santorum is leagues beneath Obama.

    2. From the response to this posting it is maybe looking like maybe we've heard the last from Frothy? Lets hope so.


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