Friday, February 22, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz, a new McCarthy or Just Undiplomatic?...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
-VS- Tyranny

Senator Ted Cruz

There has been just a bit of an uproar by the liberal media and blogs over Senator Ted Cruz and his methodology with respect to questions over former Senator Chuck Hagel's income and the sources from whence they came. He has been characterized by many on the left as the "new McCarthy"." After listening to the following several times I find no reason to characterize Senator Cruz as a "new McCarthy".

I do think there was a better and more diplomatic way to have enunciated his very legitimate concerns. Giving the benefit of the doubt to Senator Cruz at this point seems prudent as he is is a freshman senator and likely will learn better diplomacy as he settles into his senatorial duties. The following from Lanny Davis, former Clinton White House Counsel confirms my sentiments.

Maybe it's just me, however, with our overly heated national partisanship both sides are much too quick to cast judgment and immediately start to spin every situation so as to gain the upper hand in the hopes of galvanizing their own power. This my fine readers is a sure way to our mutual demise. Something I, as a patriotic American frankly find unacceptable.

So, what's the alternative? Given the intelligence of those who do me the honor of visiting this humble site I have no doubt but what you know the answer...

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  1. It's rather an abuse of the "McCarthyism" term to apply it to asking tough questions involving the most powerful in the nation. These positions, in fact, demand tough scrutiny.

    1. Indeed.

      What I find most interesting is the lack of conservatives and liberals commenting on posts like these. Both here and elsewhere. Actually it is encouraging. Perhaps it signals people actually recognize the truth in the futility of extreme partisanship.

  2. If the right was looking for a counterbalance to Elizabeth Warren, it appears as if they may have found one (not that I'm overly impressed with either, mind you).

  3. To counterbalance Warren, they'd need to put up a Native American who fraudulently claims to be caucasian in order to get free stuff.

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  5. It's funny. I was image searching for a photo of McCarthy to compare to Cruz and stumbled on to your blog. I guess I'm not the only one to liken the two in both appearance and dogged obsession to a single no win cause that will lead to their fall. Both Joe's Red Scare and Cruz's Obamacare fears were popular for the knee jerks of their respective times. Ted's on his way to becoming a footnote/punchline.


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