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Bill Maher, the Left's Bigot and Hypocrite Warns Romney Supporters 'Black People Know Who You Are and They Will Come After You''...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
-vs- Tyranny

More bigotry and hypocrisy from the left. This guy gets away with the double standard at will. Chalk it up to political correctness run amok and a willing complicit and blind MSM. Ya just can't make this stuff up.

Hat Tip: NewsBusters.

Bill Maher on HBO's Real Time Friday might have said one of the most disgraceful things uttered during the 2012 campaign season.

"If you're thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea: black people know who you are and they will come after you" (video follows with commentary):

Imagine for a moment the outrage if a conservative commentator said even jokingly to Obama supporters, "White people know who you are and they will come after you." {Read More}

Indeed, indeed!

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  1. It was clearly a joke, his reason for being.
    You twist it to mean a serious, evil statement.
    Says more about you than Maher.

    1. Not. But who cares? Surely not you.

    2. Since it is not funny, how is it a joke?

      Typical. Someone makes an outrageous and bigoted statement, and attempts to cover it by lying about it.

      "You twist it to mean a serious, evil statement."

      Just quote him directly. His statement is twisted, serious, and evil. No alteration necessary.

  2. Once upon a time this fellow used to be funny. Now he's just plain mean.


  3. Ann Coulter is more representative of the GOP than is Maher--who has often criticized Mr. Obama. How often is Maher invited on cable news shows to comment politically?

    Ann Coulter called the president of the United States a "retard."

    Neither you, Les, nor the chronically enraged dmarks said a word about that.

    Your extreme hypocrisy is blaringly evident on this one.

    1. Really, thanks pot for calling the kettle black.

      Good Day...

    2. Shaw, I can walk (criticize Maher) and chew gum (criticize Coulter) at the same time, and have on numerous occasions. You?

    3. For the record: I don't like Ann Coulter one bit and calling Obama a "retard" has no place in civil discourse.

      Maher's comment insinuates that African Americans, at best, are prone to violence, which I would say is a highly racist thing to insinuate. YOU don't have a problem with that, Shaw?

      If not, people like you -- on both sides of the political spectrum -- are a huge part of what is wrong with America today. I feel bad for you.

    4. "Neither you, Les, nor the chronically enraged dmarks said a word about that."

      That is because I have not heard ONE single conservative defend her statements. Not one. No nasty bloggers to get "enraged" about.

      This is in contrast to when Rahm Emanual smeared the nation's 13 million people with mental disabilities as "f***ing retards". You defended it passionately, even going as far as to say that parents of down syndrome kids you know call their kids "f***ing retards" all the time, so it is fine.

      I only get enraged about outrageous bigotry like this, and when you were blatantly racist and agreed with a "humorist" that Herman Cain should not run for President because he was black.

  4. Oh, for pity's sake!

    The post-racial President turned out to be anything but post-racial.

  5. >Ann Coulter called the president of the United States a "retard."

    The difference, of course, is that Ms. Coulter was merely stating a fact.

    1. Nat, you are about as bad as Maher, Shaw, and Emanuel.

      Stop the hate speech. Get educated. Or do you like to use the n-word and call gays fa**ots out of habit as well? In which case, you are acting in character.

  6. "Natsuo (夏男)Mon Nov 05, 11:31:00 AM EST
    >Ann Coulter called the president of the United States a "retard."

    The difference, of course, is that Ms. Coulter was merely stating a fact."

    There's an old school yard saying that goes like this: "It takes one to know one." But I won't use that childish retort here to explain how you, Natsuo, could be so certain that Coulter is correct.

    1. Shaw: Read this letter to Ann Coulter, along with a zillion outraged comments. Such civilized sentiments are lost on Emanuel, Nutsou, Coulter (who apparently hasn't apologized), and Maher.

  7. Will and Left Coast must be exhausted from having to construct all those straw men and then having to knock them down.

    Bill Maher has made fun of Mr. Obama many, many times on his show--and mocked his presidency.

    Coulter sticks to the fringey rightwing talking points and has never strayed from her scripts. Why anyone pays attention to that unfortunate woman is still a mystery.

    You both seem to have lost the fact that Maher is a paid comedian, Coulter is not. She's what is loosely known as a GOP pundit. She gets paid to write books no one reads and make wisecracks about Democratic politicians that no one laughs at.

    Bill Maher isn't the darling of the Democratic Party the way Coulter is admired by the right. She showed up at the last RNC get together before the convention, and was cheered on by the audience. There's no equivalence.

    1. "Bill Maher has made fun of Mr. Obama many, many times on his show..."

      Yes, I recall racist comments of his directed at President Obama.

    2. No word from Shaw on why she has no problem with a famous lefty's blatant racism, just obfuscation, equivalence morality (Coulter dun it too, I swear!!! and she is a nasty bigot... sooo....) and dodging of reasonable questions posed here.

      Alas, Shaw's "response" is as predictable as the sun rising in the east each morning. It's in a progressive's dishonest DNA to never address their hypocrisy and condescension. They always come scurrying like sewer rats to the side "one of their own" caught with his pants down. They so hate conservatives, libertarians and anyone who disagrees with their distorted worldview so much that they are driven to look the other way regarding racists, degenerates and bigots in their own ranks.

    3. I consider Ms. Coulter a comedian, Shaw. And Bill Maher only criticizes Obama for not being LIBERAL ENOUGH.............And, really, straw men; the fact that Obama has sextupled the number of drone attacks in FOUR COUNTRIES NOW, the fact that he's continued the loathsome policy of rendition, the fact that the corporations of this country (the well connected ones, anyway) have profited handsomely from fellow's policies, the fact that his administration has continuously lied through its teeth on Libya? My God, if this dude was a Republican, you and your cronies would be going apoplectic but because he's a Democrat, all that you can really talk about now is Romney and his dog.

    4. And Shaw apparently doesn't like the Maher-Coulter analogy very much. Hm, OK, so how 'bout the Matthews-Coulter analogy, the Schultz-Coulter analogy, the O'Donnell-Coulter analogy, the Moulitsis-Coulter analogy, the Malloy-Coulter analogy? Perhaps one of those would better suit the woman.

  8. Just wondering Shaw, how do you KNOW no one reads them? Or are you merely making assumptions?

    A fair question?

  9. RN, your pal LCR made a pantload of assumptions about me [which you don't question], and why I did not respond to Bill Maher's comment. [Ridiculous. Who made LCR the comment police of who should or should not be enraged by celebrities' opinions?]

    LCR needs to get hold of himself and understand that because I don't go running around the internet [apparently like he does] answering every comment by every celebrity, that doesnt make me a hypocrite or "something like a sewer rat."

    I suggest LCR take two aspirin and lie down on his fainting couch. His extremism is not pretty.

    1. 1)- I have addressed, or should I say acknowledged this issue on multiple occasion. AND supported your integrity.

      2)- Sometimes Shaw even you take assumptions to the top and engage in partisan commentary and criticism of "the opposing views."

      3) LCR I am certain has better things to do than spend his time in activity such as you have chose to focus on, this one comment.

      4) Get a hold of himself? Well, I shall let you take that up with him. I am guessinghe has a different take.

      5) EXTREMISM Shaw? Please, oh please, don't make me laugh. Something about the pot calling the kettle black again maybe.

      6) I'm the one who needs an aspirin. Major stress headache studying the CNS and PNS systems etc.

      Enjoy the home stretch Shaw. Should Romney win I hope you will be as bipartisan as you thought the republicans should have been the past four years :-)


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