Sunday, September 30, 2012

Senator McCain Debunking Senator Reid and Obama Smoke and Mirrors...

by: Les Carpenter
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The Inept Supporting the Inept...
It really comes as no surprise Senator Harry Reid is out supporting the falsehoods of the Obama administration and it's ineptitude with respect to the terrorist attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi on September 11. Democratic supporters of the administration's incompetency are spinning like a top, with the Nevada Senator now taking the lead. However, most Americans will see through the smoke and mirrors of the administration's attempted cover up of their failure to protect American interests and personnel working the the American Consulate in Libya.

Senator John McCain aptly points out the glaring falsehoods in the Obama administration's statements.

THE HILL - The Arizona Republican said the administration's initial claim that an anti-Muslim video incited the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was political spin that "doesn't pass the smell test."

"It was either willful ignorance or dismal intelligence to think that people come to spontaneous demonstrations with heavy weapons, mortars, and the attack goes on for hours," McCain said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" program.

"To blame it on the video … shows the absolute ineptitude and ignorance of the realities," McCain added. "It's not the videos, it's the radical Islamists [who] are pushing the videos."

McCain said the White House was initially reluctant to label the attack a planned act of terrorism for fear of exposing the level of turmoil in the Middle East, a region he characterized as "unraveling" under Obama's watch.

"It interferes with the depiction that the administration is trying to convey that Al Qaeda is on the wane [and] that everything's fine in the Middle East,"... {Read More}

Of course the real answer is to vacate the region, cut all foreign aid, and let the region have precisely what it wants and deserves. To be left alone with the complete absence of American money and support. Wouldn't that make the Prophet most happy, not to mention the terrorists?

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  1. We need to keep out diplomacy open, but we need to stop handing out money to people who hate us.

    If we step out of the way they will go back to raping, killing and subjugating one another.

    1. It is their lands, it is their people, it's their issues, it is their right, and it is their problem Silver. Essentially that means it is none of our business. Let our people concentrate on solving our own countries issues (like the profligate spending and the bankrupting of America) and deficiencies.

      Just how in hell can we solves the problems of other nations when we cannot solveour own?

  2. McCain still has it in him.

    And Reid is still very corrupt, is a stranger to the public interest, and has a lot of trouble with ever telling the truth (remember his hoax that Romney paid no taxes, conjured out of whole cloth, and attributed to an imaginary source).

    1. Reid personifies the progressive collectivist delusion and deceit.

  3. It's a shame how few and far between are the substantive arguments the right has with the Obama administration these days...

    This story? Nothing.

    Meanwhile, in one of the funniest ironies ever, we finally found an example of voter fraud!!! Hooray!!! Oh, and it turns out to be Republicans doing it!!! ROTHFLMAO!!! AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


    1. Really?... LMFAO jmj! Thanks for the comic relief...

    2. Susan Rice and Jay Carney both went in front of the American people and lied through their teeth. I'm sorry but I don't consider that "nothing", JMJ.

    3. Some simply have their head so far up where the sun don't shine all the see is Obama unicorns and rainbows.


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