Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney's Shot in the Foot

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
-vs- Tyranny

Willard Mitt (the Human Flipper) Romney MANAGES TO DO IT AGAIN...

Is this the Romney campaign's Armageddon that the MSM and the Obama Team obviously believe it is.? Perhaps not. It is however another statement Romney will now spend precious time trying to explain.

As the alternative candidate, one who actually has a record of achievement and is not prone to shooting himself in a different body part almost weekly barely gets noticed I can't help but wonder at the rEpublican pArty choice to be their nominee. But I suppose as the intellectual firepower of the once GOP has declined in recent years it is obvious why they did.

As to the MSM's lack of coverage of a viable alternative candidate, well, I guess we all know that Team Obama has them in his back pocket, with the lone exception of Fox News. We all know Fox News is in the back pocket of Mittens and the new Neo Fascist rEpublican pArty of America.

So the real philosophical question of this election cycle is... What to do? The answer is of course standing right before our very eyes. Yet few are looking to find it. That, my dear fellow Americans, will be America's great loss.

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  1. .

    The RepublicanT Party (and this blog too)

    "... based their entire convention on taking one of the President's statements out of context (hammering President Obama about the "They didn't build that") and railing against it, knowing full well it wasn't what the President meant, should not expect a lot of sympathy when it happens to him."


    Ema Nymton

    1. Ema, are you Twiddle Dee or Twiddle Dum? Cause you apparently sure as hell can't read and comprehend!

      Thanks for stopping in.

  2. Funny, for a guy who claims to be neutral, you sure are full of Republican talking points. Typical Republican hypocrisy.

    1. Another ObamaBot Twiddle Dee or Twiddle Dum who apparently can't read or comprehend what they read.

      Not at all surprising really. You all are so steeped in the process of carrying water for the ObamaBot Army of Twits you just naturally assume ANYONE who isn't is a rEpublican.

      Typical mindless lefty. :-)

    2. Right, team Obama has every news person and journalist in his pocket (except FOX). That delusion is left over from 4 years ago, and of course false. But keep pushing your "neutral" position, I mean delusion.

    3. Ya know what? I no longer debate hopeless fools like yourself.


    4. TAO???

      Lift the "anon" veil, please.

    5. LCR, Anon my be just one of a few monikers used by the loony(ies) who loves to attack RN USA. Comical really. Only proves the statist ObamaBots are still feeling a bit unsure, or maybe it is they are overconfident the entire nation has been lulled to sleep by the Obama Lullaby.

  3. Les, the reason the MSM does not cover viable alternative candidates is because there are none.

    There are people with good ideas, and maybe even ideas that would move us forward, but they are not viable in a two party universe.

    Most people who advocate for third party people, myself included some of the time, would be hard pressed to map out a path to victory, or even serious consideration.

    Here is what I think it will take to give a third party a real look. We will need a moderate from each of the parties crossing over to run together, and a ton of their own money to make it happen.

    Something like a Bloomberg/Booker ticket.

    Those are just names right now, but a guy like Bloomberg, not beholden to his party for $$$ and a Dem who is not afraid to go off the res occasionally.

    If we could get two people to repudiate their parties and form a unity ticket, i believe they would carry the day. Socially progressive and fiscally conservative... like a Blue Dog Dem or a Rockefeller Repub...

    1. Dave, I agree and disagree. Let me explain.

      Gary Johnson is a viable alternative, except of course to the extreme right and left, neither who has a clue to begin with. Gary Johnson is a social liberal in the classical sense and a bonafide fiscal conservative on fiscal matters. He is a successful businessman who DIDN'T send jobs offshore and a successful TWO term governor in a predominately democratic state. He left office with a balanced budget and a surplus for New Mexico. His issue is MONEY and that is indeed unfortunate as if given the exposure and platform he would blow both Obama and Romney away. At least in my never humble opinion.

      Getting the INFLUENCE of MONEY is something that this nation must achieve if it is ever to realize true republicanism and the government at least set in place by our founders.

      Having said the above I essentially agree with the rest of your premise. While I do not agree with Bloomberg on many issues, I would find him acceptable as a third party candidate,or anyone else with his independence and character. Unfortunately I am not too familiar with Booker but you having mentioned him will cause me to check out his creds.

      I have a problem with the use of terms like socially progressive because left undefined remain open ended, thus creating the opportunity for government largesse aimed at particular classes. Having said that please do not misconstrue my comment as to mean I am adverse to the government providing appropriate safety nets for appropriate situations. I have had family members, now deceased who should have had a better safety net whom the government basically shunned back in the late 50's early sixties. One was a WW I vet and his wife.

      Thanks for stopping in Dave, you are always welcome here at RN USA.

    2. Hey Dave, how 'bout a Chuck Hagel-Ed Rendell ticket? That one would work for me.......Or a totally female one with Olympia Snow and Blanche Lincoln?

  4. YOU think he's a good alternative. 98% of Americans disagree with you. You are wrong.

    1. Could that be because of the media blackout, anon? Could that be because BOTH parties have done their best to shove him aside and silence his voice?

    2. For Anonacle the ONLY voice is that of his Messiah Obama.

  5. Romney's mistakes were 2 essentially. a) His failure to realize that a lot of those 47% who don't pay taxes are either on Social Security or Veteran's benefits and b) his tarnishing of the entire 47% as self identified victims....Yet another self-inflicted wound by the fellow.

    1. Romney obviously never took up target practice during his formative years in politics.

      He "gets it", he just can't clearly define exactly what and who it is.

      Sad and unfortunate for America that he has this malady... Cause since America doesn't know, or care to take the time to get to know Gary Johnson we will be cursed with another four from Obama.

  6. Les, my comments regarding a third party candidate were not meant to suggest, or promote any specific candidate, just to put names to a concept.

    As for your guy, I am not saying he is not qualified, just not viable. There is, at this point in time, no way for anyone to effectively run as a third party candidate. As such, they are not viable.

    I also wonder whether anyone can really run as a Libertarian candidate. Sooner or later, we'll get around to that party's stance on drug legalization and then it's game over.

    Americans may one day vote to legalize or decriminalize marijuana, but not much else...

    1. I understood you were just putting names to a concept, and I appreciate that you actyally give a third party concept serious thought.

      Sadly you are right, no third party candidate is viable today nor tomorrow as long as America settles for the lesser of two evils.

      I absolutely can not, nor will I vote for Obama. As long as there is a third party candidate that more closely shares my views and principles I'll vote for the third party candidate.

      America is locked into a governing duopoly whose interests are to retain power in 2,4 & 8 year cycles. The real difference is minimal. Strategically both parties are statist big time. Tactically they differ a bit but at the end of the long haul the cliff is still the same cliff.

      Oh well, as a former associate used to say, it is what it is. And as Bubba once said... "It depends on what the meaning of the word is, is."

  7. I could see Joe Scarborough as a person on a third party ticket... in reality though, I struggle to see a Dem... Jennifer Granholm? Jim Webb maybe...


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