Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It is Time for REAL Change in America...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
-vs- Tyranny

As our nation continues in economic decline with a 16 trillion dollar debt, high unemployment (the actual UI rate, with neither the rEpublican or dEmocrat party having any real solutions, well other than warmed over and regurgitated practices of the past, isn't time America considers a real change in direction. Maybe by supporting a candidate with a track record of proven fiscal responsibility and success? A candidate that as governor actually vetoed 750 bills in the process of putting his state back in the black and creating budget surpluses.

America needs strong fiscal leadership provided by a leader with a backbone. One who will tell the truth and is not shy about taking necessary action to stop the hemorrhaging of the nation's arteries. Neither Barrack Hussein Obama or Willard Mitt Romney are men with both the integrity and backbone it will take to right the nation's ship.

So why not give a seasoned successful business and successful governor with a record of achievement a serious look. It is almost certain if you do you'll like what you see.

(CNN) -- Gary Johnson says there are three keys to his campaign being successful: he needs you to know who he is, he needs to be on the ballot in as many states as possible and he needs other libertarians to support him.

And for the next two months, Johnson, the Libertarian party candidate for president and acknowledged underdog, will be zig-zagging across the country to make those admittedly unique goals a reality.

That is the thrust of his argument: Once you get to know me, I swear you'll like me.

Johnson has fashioned himself the "clear alternative" to Republican candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama in November's presidential election.

The most recent CNN/ORC International poll shows that 3% of likely voters and 4% of registered voters say they'd vote for Johnson. But the fact he is even included in a poll is enough to get Johnson excited.

"It is one thing if it gets reported that I am at 4% nationally," said Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, "but I don't think I go down when people take a look at who I am and what I have done, I think it actually goes up."

And in some ways, he has proof to back that up.

Johnson first ran for governor of New Mexico -- a state with a majority of Democratic voters -- in 1994 as a Republican. He won in the Republican primary, defeating three other Republicans, and then defeated an incumbent Democratic governor by 10 points. After four years in office, Johnson ran again and won in 1998.

Johnson's popularity remained consistently high through his time as governor, leading one paper to remark that he was "arguably the most popular governor of the decade." {Read More}

Given our current State of the Nation, with the major parties running two VERY weak candidates what do we have to lose by thinking outside the box and voting for change? We may VERY well begin the road back to fiscal sanity and balanced budgets with actual job creation to boot.


  1. Les,

    The story of Johnson's vetoes is famous. But when you look at those vetoes, you realize he mostly kept precedent, and he had good precedent immediately before him. Obama's followed a a horrific mess, but took a track similar to Johnson's, masked by a friendly Senate. In some ways it seems to have worked for the better, in other ways not.

    All that aside, there's still the whole problem most people have with the Libertarians.

    If we were to end SS, for example, how would we do it? Well, we'd have to start paying out all the money. The faster you do it, the more fortune lost. It's a lose, lose.

    No more Medicare and Medicaid? This is what you guys really want, right? You'd have to pay that back too. Another fortune.

    Remember, WE, the American People, BORROWED that money from each other as community insurance. That is what those programs are. They are not "Ponzi Schemes" as some suggest. There are a set of rules and laws and a compact and legal contract with the American people, paid through their paychecks and their businesses, and even the government itself (which is tragically funny, when you think about it).

    How would you guys take that apart? And what would then happen?

    What insurance market could possibly osmosify, to satisfy that market? The workaday American, the old, the injured, the diseased, the tragically unlucky?

    There's no profit in that. That's why only the Church did it in the old days. But the church can neither afford nor extend that any more. The society has long outgrown the church, in size and scope.

    We, as a society, have to try to uphold a certain standard of living, invest in progress, and make that progress toward efficiency and humanity at the same time, as best as possible.

    The public insurances ensure a certain standard of living required to maintain a civil society, an open and safe marketplace for the people.


  2. I agree that there are issues with outright killing of social programs, but there are ways to ween people off of them by allowing a staged withdrawal of the requirements and allowing people to take the 12% being paid in and shift it to IRAs (think Chile as the model for this). Medicare/Medicaid is a different issue that can be solved by taking that tax money and putting in Health Savings Accounts that are like IRAs where the money can accumulate when you are younger and is there as you age. Each one of these would have a safety net for those already of on them and for the very poor, but the rest of us would be responsible for our own long term planning. The government could actually then do its job of providing for interstate commerce by making sure investment companies are not crooked vice trying to manage every one's life.

  3. Les, I was thinking of you (and Will) when I wrote today's post. A Final Pitch to Libertarians and Moderates to not vote for Gary Johnson.


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