Monday, September 10, 2012

A Question of Integrity, or the Lesser of Two Evils...

by: Les Carpenter
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The second tier of the rEpublican pArty presidential ticket doing a bit of twisting. Given that flip flops and spinning of the facts seem to be increasing in popularity with the rEpublicans begs a question... Is anyone in the conservative camp concerned with integrity any more? This from the Atlantic.

Again, we expect politicians to shade and shape their version of reality. But getting a reputation for doing this, as Ryan is doing during the campaign, is a particular problem for someone who has been set up as a uniquely honorable truth-teller.

Which brings us to Ryan and Norah O'Donnell today on Face the Nation. She presented him with another of the partial-truths from his convention speech, which he has repeated afterward. This is his slam of Obama for cutting defense spending, without mentioning that he has voted for these same cuts. I mention this less for what it shows about Ryan than for what it shows about O'Donnell. Take a look for yourself.


On the merits of what O'Donnell was asking Ryan about, see Think Progress. This is an issue I have followed. Ryan's thinly shaved rationalization here is consistent with the three I mention from his convention speech, in that each involves the deliberate omission of a major, elephant-in-the-room complicating truth. And, before you ask, when Joe Biden, Barack Obama, or other Democrats go as far as Ryan has -- not in presenting their opinions, or political "visions," but offering gross distortions-through-omission of their own records -- they deserve exactly the same treatment. {Read More}

Bedfellows politics and integrity do not make.

Fortunately there is a viable and proven alternative to Romney/Ryan and Obama/Biden. The only question is... Will the American electorate bother to educate themselves. For certain the MSM won't bother to help.

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  1. As we just finished celebrating another Labor Day weekend, here's a roundup of 10 eye-popping statistics on the American jobs crisis. ... which hangs over President Obama as he gears up for his big jobs speech on Thursday (not to mention his reelection campaign)... And this is something that us American voters must think about.

    1. 25.3 million Americans: The true size of the unemployment crisis. This figure includes people who are out of work, forced to work part-time, or unable to find a full-time job, as well as those who want to work but have given up searching for a job in the past month,...

    2. 6.9 million jobs: How many fewer jobs there are today than in December 2007.

    3. Twenty-eight out of 32 months: The number of months since January 2009 that job growth failed to keep up with basic population growth (roughly 150,000 jobs a month).

    4. 16.7%: The jobless rate for African-Americans. Black unemployment is now at its highest in 27 years.

    5. 280,000: The number of jobs the American economy needs to add each month to fill its 11.3 million-job deficit by the middle of 2016.

    6. 35,000: The average number of jobs the economy actually added in the past three months."
    10 Eye-Popping Labor Day Stats | Mother Jones


    7. "...CNN fact-checked that claim and found it to be "not the whole picture." Instead, CNN found that there has been a net increase of just 300,000 non-farm payroll jobs since Obama took office. And if you count government jobs, there are actually 400,000 fewer people working today than in January 2009.

    8. "The figure of 4.5 million jobs is accurate if you look at the most favorable period and category for the administration. But overall, there are still fewer people working now than when Obama took office at the height of the recession."

    9. However, Obama's job growth percentages trail far behind those of some other recent presidents, including Bill Clinton (+2.60 percent and +1.60 percent), Ronald Reagan (+1.75 percent and +2.53 percent) and even Jimmy Carter (+2.30 percent)."
    Fact Check: 4.5 million new jobs created under Obama? | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

    1. The fact remains that Obama has lost several hundred thousand jobs.

      Directly by his policies, too. There was a huge unemployment/firing rush between Obama's election and his inauguration, due to job creators being scared by Obama's announced plan to destroy health care, further overtax and punish companies, and other bad policies of the Left which encourage companies to fire people and discourage hiring.

    2. Tough as it is I no longer buy the hyperbole and washed facts of the republican/conservative hacks any more than I buy the hyperbole and washed facts of the democratic/socialist hacks.

      America has been duped by the oligarchs (who really control everything), politicians, and the media. They have pitted Americans against one another by manipulating politicians, money supply, businesses, and the media so they remain in power.

      Something about a house divided against itself methinks. In any outcome the figures behind the curtain stand to win. The President(s)... just useful idiots as it were.

      There is one thing for certain, more and more individuals are becoming increasingly cynical.

  2. The lefty press does a great "fact check" job on the GOP, but goes stupid when it catches a whiff of hopium smoke...

    1. And, so what of the "right leaning" press? Are they not the same?

      I suppose it all depends on whom one carries water for and which "hopium smoke" they prefer to whiff. Don'tcha think?

    2. Les, of course the "right-leaning" press is the same, they are just leaning the "other" way.

      We can't trust media anymore, either side. I would really like for just ONE source to report FACTS...simple down to the bone facts and then I can form my own conclusions.

      But I'm wishing on unicorns and leprechauns...

    3. Yes Pam you are so right. It would be really wonderful though if the news actually reported the news (facts as viewed through the lens of reality) unwashed by reports and editors that apparently view their jobs to be to influence the population. Presumably (I suspect) because they, as well as the politicians of both corrupt major parties view the public as ignorant. Perhaps we have gotten what we have asked for....

  3. I'm a lot less concerned about the defense cuts (which, if done properly, hardly will make us vulnerable) than I am by the prospect that Mr. Romney will surround himself with neocons such as Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams, and Bolton.


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