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President Obama, Just Another Pandering Politician...

by: Les Carpenter
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Yeah, Right, fer Sure- Not

When Obama changes his mind it's evolving. Whenever anybody else does it's flip-flopping. At least that is how the left sees it.

Yahoo News - Scooping up dollars for his campaign at a New York fundraiser, President Barack Obama told supporters on Monday that "the American people are on our side" when it comes to issues like same-sex marriage.

The president spoke at an event hosted by openly gay singer Ricky Martin, the LGBT Leadership Council and the Futuro Fund, where he tied his announced support for gay marriage last week to past civil rights struggles.

"We have never gone wrong when we expanded rights and responsibilities to everybody," the president said to cheers from the audience. "That doesn't weaken families, that strengthens families. It's the right thing to do."

His comments came after presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney told graduating students at Liberty University, a school founded by the late conservative televangelist Jerry Falwell, that marriage is between "one man and one woman."

"The good news is, I think the American people are on our side on this," Obama said at the New York event. Polls show that Americans are deeply divided on gay marriage. Younger Americans -- a key part of the president's history-making 2008 coalition -- tend to be more supportive.

The embattled Democrat, his ambitions for a second term weighed down by the still-struggling economy, also took a turn as a slogan-writer of sorts for Romney and his fellow Republicans. "Their message is going to be very simple, you know what: 'You're frustrated, you're dissatisfied and it's Obama's fault.' You can boil down the message," Obama said. "And they will spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to drill that home. "

Republicans have been pounding away at the president over stubbornly high unemployment rates and accusing him of making the recession longer and more painful with his policies.

Obama also warned his supporters not to be complacent.

"Nobody should be taking this for granted. Especially when I come to New York, sometimes, you know, people go around and say, 'I don't know anybody who's not supporting you, Barack.' I say, 'You live in Manhattan, man.' This is going to be a challenging race, but we can win."

Diversionary tactics will now be the order of the Obama campaign. Having a dismal record on the economy, unemployment, and the largest increase in the national debt ever by a first term president "The Man" will distract, evade, and play the American public as fools.

Of course all this can be avoided if the media gives equal attention to Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for the presidency AND individuals across the nation educate themselves on Gary Johnson's record, political philosophy, and principles.

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  1. Well, Les, despite cynicism like your's, to many people gay rights are a serious matter. Obama is a politician, and all politicians "pander" as far as any given observer at any given time is concerned. Because gay politics actually, in reality do matter to many, many people, Obama has had to take a political stance on each of the related issues therein. When it came to the thus far moot question of national recognition of gay marriage (we have no national, federal marriage system in America) Obama took the position that it would not be wise to attempt to make it an interstate matter... in the first decade of this century. This is about a lot more than just campaign money, of which he'll have plenty.

    With the coming election, Obama actually took a pretty big risk here. First risk: Obama needs the Latino and Black vote. Most of those voters are economic liberals but social conservatives, sort of the reverse of white libertarians. Second risk; Most "independent" (as it appears on the registration card) voters are very uncomfortable with changes in the social status quo. It's not that they are against gay marriage, but rather that they see these issues as unimportant, as do you.



    1. jmj, why I am responding I'm not even sure. But just to show you what a fair and balanced guy I can be I give you a point by point.

      1)I am not cynical with respect to gay rights. I've stated my position, for which I am scorned by both sides. Enough said, other than that says more about them than it does me.

      2)I agree, politicians (all) pander and grovel for votes. Obama is one of the best.

      3) Obama, to use the lefts favorite terminology in fact "flip-flopped". I procided the link. Oh, that's right we're talking about Obama, he "evolved."

      4) Yes he has plenty of campaign money to "grease the gears" of his political machine and by the best TV time and who knows what else. See will's comment below.

      5) I agree, Obama did take a big risk. In fact I was just discussing this with my wife and associates. I would have waited until after the election as the timing may hurt more than it helps him. But I gotta give it to Obama, Biden, and handlers, they pulled off a great way to do now... a real team orchestrated effort. That aside, I am exceedingly glad he "came out" because I hope it helps defeat him in November.

      Now I am expecting ridiculous and fallacious commentary about me for my prior remark. So I'll clarify further; A) I am supportive of a gay persons right to equal treatment and their right to live their lives in a way that makes them happy. My prior post explains in more detail and my earlier article explains the basis on which I ground my decision on. So you be the judge, did I flip flop or did I evolve.

      ... Hoped that helped jmj, cause I am kinda getting weary of explaining my completely rational position to people who have only one thing in mind. I'm guessing you know precisely what I'm saying...

  2. And at the same time that he was hammering Mr. Romney for his "vulture capitalism", he was taking boatloads of money from vulture capitalists. The better ones, presumably.

    1. Hey Will, have you caught the latest narcissistic activity by Obama? Inserting himself into the history of every president all the way back to Coolidge, save Ford. Of course we all should have grown to expect nothing less from the field of dreams and hope and change chameleon President..


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