Friday, May 25, 2012

Obama's Real Spending Record...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

Spending has increased significantly during President Obama's tenure. To argue this reality is a exercise only the most partisan will engage in. But as one would expect that is exactly what the left has been doing.

The graph below displays the real percent growth in federal spending under each president beginning with Reagan.

It is a fact that numbers don't lie. Unfortunately liars dabble in numbers and the Obama supporters are quite adept at massaging the numbers to make Obama look as favorable as possible.

Rex Nutting writing for Market Watch gives a clear demonstration of exactly my point.

Reality is what it is, and rational people understand this. So while the numbers speak for themselves, and don't need massaging, the larger issue is... What are our elected officials (think Congress as they control the purse strings) going to do to straighten the mess out?

I might suggest Mr. President getting the best and the brightest together and after they make their studied recommendations use the bully pulpit to get the recommendations enacted through legislation.

Oh, that's right. You did that already and then largely ignored their work. I guess that is what you call effective management.



  1. Thanks for pointing out the BS here, Les. Mr. Nutting's "analysis" is WAY off. He doesn't include the stimulus and other Obama appropriations in 2009, includes the automatic spending cuts for 2013 that Mr. Obama himself wants to halt, and doesn't take into account inflation (it was significantly higher in the early days of Reagan, for example). The fact that MSNBC and Media Matters are taking this fellow's word on all of this is quite disgusting, I think.

    1. Apparently this BS is not considered as such by the majority of the "mainstream" media or the social engineer statists that populate this nation in increasing numbers.

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