Friday, May 11, 2012

Hope and Change... A Graphic Display

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

Republican -vs- Democrat claims as to which party is responsible for the nation's deficits and national debt is ongoing. With neither side giving an inch or taking responsibility. As such We the People continue to be the beneficiary of bad fiscal management and government.

The reality is this, both are responsible and until such time as we hold our elected officials feet to the fire not much is going to change. Our biggest problem is that we have become addicted to "big brother" government, expecting Leviathan to solve our problems for us and take care of us without considering the expense and who is ultimately footing the bill.

An interesting and spot on article from 2010. Not much has changed really.


  1. The fact is Republicans are far more responsible for our debt. Their cut taxes, but not spending philosophy for 30 years, has produced the debt. When you say both are responsible, you neglect to define how the debt was built, which shows Republican fiscal policies are to blame.

    1. The facts are... 1) statist republicans have increased the national debt through their interventionist and misguided foreign policy. The same one the democrats willing supported for reasons both you and I understand.

      2)The democrats increased the national debt through the myriad of social legislation with the republicans for the most part supported for reasons both you and I understand.

      So yes, both are responsiblr for the damn mess we now find ourselves in. I accept this, you apparently do not.

      Vote Gary Johnson for real chane in 2013 and beyond!

  2. Our 15 trillion dollar debt was not a 50/50 mistake (check Treasury figures). It is important to learn from mistakes, so we don't repeat them. Something Americans are not good at.
    We did not learn our lesson from prohibition, and apply those lessons to a similar drug problem.
    We have had decades to learn the lesson that cutting taxes, without cutting spending, builds debt. It is the Republican mantra, that calls for that philosophy, and has since RR.
    Social Security (Democrats largest social program) has not added one cent to the debt.
    Yes, this all costs to much money; but the debt is from not taxing ourselves enough to pay those costs. Don't want those costs (social programs) fine, but we have already spent the money, which we never paid for (taxed ourselves).
    Gary Johnson may well get my vote; but you and I both know, that won't change a thing. The change must come from those given the power (elected).

  3. By claiming equal blame, yes.

    1. When you have NO cohesive response resort to Alinsky based bullsh*t.

      Well done!


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