Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Freedom of Speech and Possible Unintended Consequences...

by: Les Carpenter
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Societal norms, and our understanding of the meaning of words have changed since the Bill of Rights amended our Constitution. One vivid example is our modern understanding of the first amendment which guarantees freedom of political speech, most specifically that which is the minority view. In other words it gave the people of the United States the iron clad right to speak, via their own mouth whatever political views may be on their mind.

Of course as we all know modern society has expanded the right to freedom of speech and it's meaning to include freedom of expression, whatever that expression may be in so long as it does not slander or result in physical injury to someone. In a free society, governed by the rule of law this is as it should be. It is in fact precisely how our founding fathers, as well as all American patriots in 1776 intended it to be.

South Carolina AFL-CIO President Donna Dewitt recently enjoyed the extension of these first amendment rights as she engaged in a smack down of Nikki Haley, Republican Governor of South Carolina. What I find amusing is the national AFL-CIO questioning whether they could get the YouTube video pulled.

Free-Times - A video posted online that shows a former union leader in South Carolina smashing a piƱata effigy of Gov. Nikki Haley has riled the national office of the AFL-CIO, which wants it taken down.

“Do you think we can get this video pulled,” asked a national AFL-CIO official in an email to Palmetto State union sources.

The author of the email also worried the video might get “picked up by tea partiers, maybe even Haley herself, to attack labor again.”

The footage was shot at the South Carolina Progressive Network’s 2012 spring gathering May 19, at the CWA Hall in West Columbia.

Well Ms. Dewitt and representatives of the national AFL-CIO, perhaps the concept and reality of unintended consequences somehow escaped you in forethought?


Via: Memeorandum


  1. So much for the left and their aversion to violent imagery.

    1. Yeah, only if it's a republican,conservative or libertarian I guess.

    2. And pretty much zero media coverage, too. Not that that's necessarily surprising, mind you.

  2. Smacking around a pinata is not a big deal (especially since the people on the video were probably drinking), IMO but your point stands that if a libertarian (or anyone on the right) were to smack around a pinata of say, Hillary Clinton (or fill in the blank) the New York Times would feature it as a front page news item.


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