Saturday, April 21, 2012

GOP Statism To Prevail For the Foreseeable Future...

by: Les Carpenter
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Gee, what a surprise. As the old adage says, "the more things change the more they stay the same."

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - The Republican Party establishment has withstood the tea-party revolution.


The 2012 meeting of the Republican national command shows just how little has actually changed in the Grand Old Party since the tea-party movement helped Republicans capture the U.S. House majority two years ago and announced that they were a powerful force in American politics.

While tea-party activists have won county chairmanships and seats on state central committees, few (if any) activists have clinched slots on the Republican Party’s 168-member governing committee. That’s not to say that tea-partiers have disappeared or that they won’t get their moment in the sun — but it may take years for them to climb the party ladder the same way as everyone else.

GOP elders sympathize with the movement’s ideas and want to channel whatever energy the decentralized groups offer for November. But when asked about the tea-party’s influence in interviews here, the movement was always spoken of in the third person and as one constituency in the larger Republican coalition, sort of like defense hawks or fiscal conservatives.

Many Republicans here said that tea-party activists now understand that things will run more smoothly if those with experience are in charge rather than those who put a premium on ideology over process.

“The important thing for any group in the party to understand…is that you need experience to govern,” said New Hampshire Republican Chairman Wayne MacDonald. “Everybody has to start somewhere. It’s just important they learn the mechanics of how the party operates…It doesn’t mean new ideas aren’t welcome." {Read Some More :(}

There you have it folks. Statism heavy (dems) or statism light (repubs) for as far as the eye can see. Buckle up and suffer the ride as best possible.

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  1. It is hard to take over an entrenched corrupt system. I have never been for the Tea Party take over of the Republican Party because I felt that it destroyed the independence of the message.

    The fact that the Republicans can only claim about one quarter of all voters should tell people they are not worth taking over. The Democrats are bleeding voters as well since they only can claim about a third. So where are all the voters? They are declaring their independence and becoming not affiliated or independents.

    This is the future of politics as I have stated before, these are the flash-mob voters that will pop up quickly to support or oppose an issue or candidate and then just as quickly fad back into the murky middle. The two parties are playing to their edges, so they will continue to bleed voters.

    There will be those that refuse to give up their party, but like those who refuse to give up their land-line they will die off and be replaced with people that never had a party or a land-line.

    America is the land of free and home of the brave new voter. Be very afraid party leadership because you are on the last voyage of the Titanic, slowly sinking because you refused to slow the spending or steer clear of radicalizing icebergs.

    1. Well said! The Rove's and Axelrod's et all will continue to distract and divert honest discussion of the issues. Why? Because like two opposing monolithic structures they actually provide support for each other and thereby ensure the continued success of the two party power structure in American politics.

      Think pyramid and visualize the two parties as columns forming the inverted V structure. Through the opposing views (which are really only superficial) they create the illusion of choice and thereby self perpetuate. This also provides the smoke and mirrors though which the people are kept from really seeing that it is all a power game. One in which the political elites of both parties, and their corporate allies maintain power and control.

      Tick tock, Tick tock, Tick tock...


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