Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wisdom's Foundation... Self Reflection and Introspection - Installment #2

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

Rodin - The Thinker

Is it just me or does everyone sense the irrational growing in America and it's body politic? Does anyone other than yours truly sense a profound disconnect with (rational) reality in American politics? I mean really, does anybody seriously look at reality?

Funny thing about the human race, every individual has a choice as to what they believe and what makes sense, at least to them. Humans being social creatures naturally gravitate towards others who view reality as they do. It is therefore only natural they form associations and organizations that support and advocate their views and beliefs.

But who is to say any particular belief, or value system is the correct one? After all, as previously noted we are all individuals, presumably thinking rational examples of what personifies the best in the human race. Or maybe I am just dreaming?

At any rate the political disinformation coming from, and out of both political parties is as unethical and sickening as it is untrue. In the 21st century it is difficult to imagine we are still dealing with that which our founders worked so hard to eradicate in America and it's politics.

We {United States of America} have never known a true laissez-faire capitalist social system, nor have we experienced a true socialist system. Rather we have trended away from the capitalist system of our founding to a mixed modern day capitalist/socialist system that is is feeling the strains of  21st century economic realities.

Given the various and divergent political/economic theories of this age {and stage of human social development}, it seems only reasonable we work towards resolving differences in a productive and bipartisan way.

To some finding agreed upon solutions means acquiescing to a perceived evil, and perhaps this is so. However, given the nature of knowledge is there really any such thing as an absolute? This from a avowed laissez-faire capitalist, limited government advocate and Objectivist. Sometimes it becomes apparent that while strongly arguing for purity one must be willing to compromise to achieve a resolution the majority is willing to live with.

The alternative? I leave it to you, the readership of this humble publication to decide.

Thanks for reading. More to come...


  1. Rational Nation USA, I see no one commented on this and I thought I'd let you know it's an interesting post.

    Obviously, my opinion is that most of the disinformation and propaganda is coming from those aligned to the Right but this is a sound, cogent, well stated premise and I applaud you for it.

  2. Thank you GeG. Perhaps there are other ways to arrive at a consensus, I don't know. I just know purity will basically lead to nowhere (as it it now) other than perhaps personal (or collective) satisfaction... If the ultimate goal is to solve problems, and it should be, then both sides of the street must view traffic from a true two way perspective. IMO both sides fail to do so. If only they both realized it is in not only the nation's, but also their own individual long term rational self interest as well.


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