Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wisdom's Foundation... Self Reflection and Introspection

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

The Thinker - Rodin

Every so often a person needs to take a step back. A step back in order to move forward. It is easy to hold to beliefs formed perhaps years before. But realities of the physical world are constantly changing. In response to the inevitable and unstoppable movement of change, driven by new technology and a better understanding of the nature of our universe and the laws of physics that govern it, we must adapt if we are to survive.

While we certainly have no control over the progression of time and its continuum of change, we as individuals do have the ability to revisit, and check if you will our previously held premises. If we are to survive and prosper prosper in in the face of changing realities we must look at, and evaluate whether the premises we essentially built our lives around are still valid and serve our rational self interests.

I've come to the conclusion, and I admit I may be wrong, that many, if not most choose not to take the very uncomfortable step of entering into the world of introspection. Please do not misunderstand introspection for self doubt. It is quite the opposite. It takes a person with confidence and strong commitment to question their own beliefs. The self assured and confident individual recognizes that questioning previously held beliefs does not call into question their validity. Rather they understand that only in challenging the "status quo" can one increase their knowledge, thus growing in the process and perpetuating the process and growing the knowledge base that leads to a better existence and increased happiness.

As one observes the present state of affairs in our nation's political evolution it is clear we are moving in a counter productive direction. Simply put this means we are moving backwards rather than forward. It is apparent, at least to this writer, that not only are the elected lawmakers of both parties (as well as our leadership) either incapable or unwilling to enter the world of introspection, we the people of this nation apparently suffer from the same shortcoming. Either that or they (and we) just don't give a damn.

More soon.


  1. Tough times ahead because we haven't wanted to face reality. We as a nation have long ignored our representatives and have allowed them to become detached from our collective roots. I am distilling down what I believe in and I am sure that it will not be popular with anyone, but there is probably somethings in there for everyone. I think as a nation we need to step back and think about where we are headed, so I could agree with you more. I think that the angry middle is going to realize pretty quickly here that they are going to have to standup for what they believe in and take a different path forward. It won't be easy and it won't be for the faint of heart, but it will be necessary to turn this country around and save what is left of this great republic.

    1. Yes Sandy, there will be very tough times ahead. Unfortunately the social conservatives and the big "R" statists aren't going to let go easily. They really don't want to hear from "We the People."

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  3. Fear of the unknown is a large component in preserving the rotten status quo. Voters who know nothing about banking nonetheless are easily scared by talk of ending the fed, because there is an endless line of DC demagogues trotting out the usual lineup of bogeymen.

    1. Silver, so true. And so it goes in many ways, covering many things, and those who need to realize this the most are usually the ones who never do.

  4. Ha! Re-examination is always good. I didn't think I would have opportunity to agree with you. Had to rethink.

  5. okjimm, it is always good to re-examine, re-evaluate, and reflect on principles and values that remain firm and grounded. However, new challenges and realities require innovative solutions to ever evolving situations and challenges.

    Just as in business the smart and wise elected official (or bureaucrat) realizes valid principals and values remain just that, valid. However, to remain valid they must be applied in inventive and creative ways to new and changing circumstances.

    I have never said anything to the contrary. As I re-examine my conservative manifesto I realize the principles are mot wrong, they just need to be understood and applied in the context of the 21st century.

    If conservatism is to remain relevant its proponents must recognize that nothing is static forever.

    Thanks for dropping by.

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