Saturday, February 18, 2012

Reagan and Clinton Viewed as Outstanding Recent Presidents By Americans

by: Les Carpenter
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Beyond leftist hyperbole about President Regan as one of the nation's worst Presidents 69% of Americans believe he was either outstanding or above average. President Clinton is viewed by 60% of Americans in the same category. History is often the best judge, and the American people have spoken.

PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans believe history will judge Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton as the best among recent U.S. presidents, with at least 6 in 10 saying each will go down in history as an above-average or outstanding president. Only about 1 in 10 say each will be remembered as below average or poor. Three years into Barack Obama's presidency, Americans are divided in their views of how he will be regarded, with 38% guessing he will be remembered as above average or outstanding and 35% as below average or poor. {Read More}

Unfortunately given the current incumbent and those hoping to challenge him prospects for the future aren't looking all too bright.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. This conservative thinks President Clinton was a great president, personal peccadilloes aside. You can't argue with success.

  2. I would absolutely take Clinton over his 2 successors any day. And the first President Bush isn't looking all that bad in retrospect, either (kept us the hell out of Baghdad, right?).

  3. If you could imagine 100 years from now, not a one of those presidents will be remembered much at all. If anything, the period will be remembered for weak presidencies, marked by a decline of the middle class and the class stratification and general decline that comes with that. We now have a patrician society, with sycophant plebs allowed just enough representation to keep the masses placated. Any student of history knows where that leads... Ayn Rand's dream of a pseudo-meritocracy in which the security of personal wealth is the prime prerogative of the state - where the state itself no longer matters at all. And that's how the great civilizations of yore have vanished, with barely remembered "leaders" with no power at all.


  4. Silver: Just remember Clinton never got into trouble for anything 'personal'. Sexually harassing employees is not considered to be a private matter.

  5. President Barack Obama will be remembered as the 4th or 5th greatest president in American history after the completion of his second term in early 2017.

    1. I'm sure many have wet dreams believing that statement. :)



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