Monday, February 27, 2012

Painful As It May Be For Some... It Is Time To Think Outside Your Comfort Zone...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

Demographics are changing, the inevitable result of a modern and transient world reality. Left to it's old school order the Republican party will cease to be relevant and will die a death created of its own making.

Liberty rings true with a majority of people regardless of race, culture, national origin, religious proclivities, sexual orientation, or the color of purple. The Republican party for some inexplicable reason seems blind to this fact. As a direct result IT will cease to have any relevancy let alone the power all political parties (and ideologies) crave.

Perhaps the leadership of the Republican party would be well served to read the preceding article published here at Rational Nation USA. In so doing you would be doing Socrates proud and you just might preserve your relevancy into the future. The choice is certainly yours.

The choice as I perceive it is to either find a positive way to make the message of liberty and it's inherent connection to limited government relevant to the changing demographics or accept the rising ascendency of statism in America.

Read the following article carefully, casually dismissing nothing as simply left wing platitudes and hyperbole. I assure you if you do you will be acquiescing the high ground to those whom you view as the "enemy" of liberty.

New York Magazine - Of the various expressions of right-wing hysteria that have flowered over the past three years—goldbuggery, birtherism, death panels at home and imaginary apology tours by President Obama abroad—perhaps the strain that has taken deepest root within mainstream Republican circles is the terror that the achievements of the Obama administration may be irreversible, and that the time remaining to stop permanent nightfall is dwindling away.

“America is approaching a ‘tipping point’ beyond which the Nation will be unable to change course,” announces the dark, old-timey preamble to Paul Ryan’s “The Roadmap Plan,” a statement of fiscal principles that shaped the budget outline approved last spring by 98 percent of the House Republican caucus. Rick Santorum warns his audiences, “We are reaching a tipping point, folks, when those who pay are the minority and those who receive are the majority.” Even such a sober figure as Mitt Romney regularly says things like “We are only inches away from no longer being a free economy,” and that this election “could be our last chance.”

The Republican Party is in the grips of many fever dreams. But this is not one of them. To be sure, the apocalyptic ideological analysis—that “freedom” is incompatible with Clinton-era tax rates and Massachusetts-style health care—is pure crazy. But the panicked strategic analysis, and the sense of urgency it gives rise to, is actually quite sound. The modern GOP—the party of Nixon, Reagan, and both Bushes—is staring down its own demographic extinction. Right-wing warnings of impending tyranny express, in hyperbolic form, well-grounded dread: that conservative America will soon come to be dominated, in a semi-permanent fashion, by an ascendant Democratic coalition hostile to its outlook and interests. And this impending doom has colored the party’s frantic, fearful response to the Obama presidency.

The GOP has reason to be scared. Obama’s election was the vindication of a prediction made several years before by journalist John Judis and political scientist Ruy Teixeira in their 2002 book, The Emerging Democratic Majority. Despite the fact that George W. Bush then occupied the White House, Judis and Teixeira argued that demographic and political trends were converging in such a way as to form a ­natural-majority coalition for Democrats.

The Republican Party had increasingly found itself confined to white voters, especially those lacking a college degree and rural whites who, as Obama awkwardly put it in 2008, tend to “cling to guns or religion.” Meanwhile, the Democrats had ­increased their standing among whites with graduate degrees, particularly the growing share of secular whites, and remained dominant among racial minorities. As a whole, Judis and Teixeira noted, the electorate was growing both somewhat better educated and dramatically less white, making every successive election less favorable for the GOP. And the trends were even more striking in some key swing states. Judis and Teixeira highlighted Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona, with skyrocketing Latino populations, and Virginia and North Carolina, with their influx of college-educated whites, as the most fertile grounds for the expanding Democratic base. {Read More}

Preserving liberty and a feeling of self reliance is paramount. The human spirit is, above all else proud and resilient. All humans innately desire freedom and the liberty to self determination. Isn't it time the Republican party looks to the broader and ultimately greater challenges rather than the frothy self righteous pontifications with respect to religious and birth control issues and demonizing all who do not accept their narrow view?

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  1. If Santorum can somehow suck Mr. Romney into this whole social issues mess of his, it will probably be a major-league death-nail for the former MA governor. Hopefully (for his sake), the dude has some half-way decent advisers.

    1. While not a Romney fan or supporter I must admit he, or at least his handlers are by far preferable to Frothy and his handlers...

    2. I agree. Romney's a phony but he isn't a neanderthal.


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