Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can a Meteor Save Us?

by: Les Carpenter
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The Meteor of Death

The republican party is in sad shape. Very, very sad shape indeed. Which of course means the conservative movement is suffering badly. When "influential" conservative bloggers like Erick Erickson of  Red State  hope Gingrich and Santorum stay in the republican race as long as possible to deny Romney the 1144 delegates needed to secure the nomination you know the movement is in trouble. Of course the desired result of such a scenario is for a brokered convention, presumably so a conservative that can actually beat Obama surfaces and takes the nomination.

Erickson believes both Santorum and Gingrich hold more conservative principles and have bigger visions that would continue to resonate even during good economic times. A except from his recent article "The Sweet Meteor of Death 2012."

... I may be a Republican, and at one time an elected Republican, but I have always needed more than just a letter of the alphabet next to someone’s name to get me excited. Newt Gingrich excites because he picks fights with all the people I think need to be fought, including Mitt Romney. God bless him for that. But I am under no illusion that makes him capable of beating Barack Obama without a deteriorating economy.

Rick Santorum excites me because, while I think he is a big government and compassionate conservative, he is willing to defend traditional mores in this country in a way few are. His bold stand for faith and tradition is honest and refreshing, but it also makes for a massive liability in a general election when he has so little to show voters on other fronts.

As for Romney, he does not excite me and has largely run his campaign making sure conservatives know he can get the nomination without them. That’s all well and good, but he certainly should not expect me or other conservatives to do anything for him in the general election other than, hopefully it won’t just be me, showing up to vote for him....

So, here's how I read it, Erick wants two guys he knows can't beat Obama (and they aren't real conservatives either) to force a brokered convention to deny the moderate Romney the nomination with the hope that "... someone or some meteor saves us from ourselves."

Like I said, and Erick knows this as well, the conservative movement in general, and the republican party specifically, is severely lacking in ideas and leadership for the 21st century. Sooner or later the social conservative platitudes about God, country, and apple pie wear mighty thin. And the fiscal conservatives that are first in line to belly up to the governmental trough to get theirs is getting old fast.

As I've alluded to quite a few times recently, anybody who really knows anything about the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Capitalism, and Ayn Rand knows that today's republicans and so caled conservatives are nothing more than statist. Perhaps they are of a different color, but they are statists nonetheless. And they are rapidly becoming irrelevant.

Maybe that is Erick's point. It's certainly worth thinking about.

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  1. the republican party specifically, is severely lacking in ideas and leadership for the 21st century


    That also applies to the democrat party, but they have the lock on "compassion." They are the Santa Claus party that can reach into the goody bag and hand it out, and that is why the intellectually bereft democrats beat the intellectually bereft republicans...

  2. Can a Meteor Save Us?
    Maybe not, but it might expedite the inevitable a little sooner! It's getting difficult to distinguish between Republicans and Democrats...

  3. As I witness the stubbornness and childishness of both major parties I have come to simply scratch my head and wonder.

    POGO - "We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us."

    Indeed, the inevitable...

  4. Of I had to make a prediction, Les, I would say that Obama gets reelected but that the country then elects a Republican such as Christie or Rubio in 2016; the normal pattern, in other words (in with one, out with the other).


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