Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Choices Remain... "We the People" Can Decide

by: Les Carpenter
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First things first. Taking a week away from blogging has been wonderful, just what the doctor prescribed.

Given the absolute childish and hopelessly counter productive pursuits of both major political parties is enough to cause the reasonable and objective minded to simply shut down.

Politics is a tough and often self serving business. Spin has always been the nature of the game, but somehow it has become the accepted norm. I'm quite sure the architects of our republic never envisioned the current realities that have corrupted and demeaned their noble vision.

It is indeed unfortunate the opposing political ideologies (parties) now stand in the way of finding a common ground that could raise this nation to heights never before dreamed of. Rather than using the energies of differing opinions to create a positive synergy that would result in finding effective solutions to drive positive change our political parties (and those in power) are more focused on highlighting and exploiting perceived weakness in the other.

It has become increasingly apparent, at least to this classical liberal, the modus operandi of both the progressive and conservative movement has devolved to the point where the destruction of opposing political thought is all important and thus the singular goal of both parties. Something I'm absolutely certain our founding fathers would be in heated opposition to were they able to visit us today.

As I look at the current field of republican presidential candidates I am appalled at the weaknesses of as well as the shallowness of the party's candidates, Ron Paul of course excluded. As weak and lacking as our current President may be the current crop of republican hopefuls, again Ron Paul excluded, is equally as uninspiring.

So just where does that leave America? Given the shifting polls, and the recent rise of Newt Gingrich in South Carolina (he is doing well in Saturday's republican primaries) it perhaps portends a further loss of individual freedom and civil rights. All in the name of security and the right of the state to control individual liberty.

Remember my friends, socialism and fascism are statist in nature yet with distinctly different economic systems. Both are controlled by political and government bureaucracies that hold closely to each systems ideological perspective.

It is a fact America has been trending towards state fascism for some time. Yet "We the People" have it in our power to determine the future of our nation's political/economic structure. This of course does requires a well educated and engaged citizenry, something that's arguably lacking at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century.

Given modern realities the only question really is whether we as a nation have the will to make the choice for increased individual liberty and expanded opportunity for all. The choices we make today will most assuredly affect our children as well as our grandchildren and great grand children.

The choice is ours. What say you, the readers of Rational Nation USA.

President Obama the Socialist???

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  1. I'm not sure that I would go as far as to call Gingrich a fascist. Personally I would probably go "dick".

  2. Actually, that comment about bringing the judges before Congress is pretty damn close to fascist. I will give you that one, my friend.


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