Friday, November 25, 2011

Tea Party Is Not So Different From OWS... So Sayeth Obama

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

So we can draw our own conclusions.

Indeed there are some valid concerns the OWS had in its beginnings. As the movement progresses,any similarities with the Tea Party protest have been lost in the muck of irrationality.

OWS has degenerated into a unguided and directionless movement against whatever anyone chooses to believe it is. Quite typical of the hard left and hard right.

Sad, truly sad. The saddest of all is the President's and the Democrat's apparent whole hearted support of the movement. Even given the visual confirmation as to the movement's dark side.


  1. Ah you're like Dmarks Les. Just trying to bait me.

    You know the big difference is OWS was not a creation of fat cat right wingers to play on idiots and closed minded sheep like the tea party was.

    The tea party manifesto is nothing but a set of right wing talking points that I posted on my blog a long time ago.

    There are no leaders, self appointed or ordained by anyone for OWS for as I see it, it's the leaders that borrowed and spent us into the fiscal mess we have now.

    You tea party can keep Michelle Bachman for a leader and inspiration. Even anarchy is better than that.

  2. Not baiting you at all Joe, just speaking the truth based on my rationalo observations. It is too bad really. Crony capitalism, corporatism, and taxpayer funded bailouts must cease. Too big to fail is a myth.

    As for Bachmann, you know damn well that I am not a Bachmann fan nor supporter.

    OWS will fizzle and ultimately fail because it is becoming irreverent in the eyes of the American people.

    The more I think about it the more I wish Ron Paul would declare his candidacy as a third party candidate from The American Liberty Party.

  3. Both movements are expressions of subjective righteous indignation. Substantively, the Tea Party only differs from the OWS in parts of the the focus of their anger.

    The ways these movements express themselves is a reflection of age, race, class, partisanship and demographics. Tea Partiers are for the most older, Republican, Religious Right, etc. The OWS are mostly young, liberal, not very religious at all.

    Both groups are pretty well educated and middle class. Hence their anger in the first place.

    The OWS may get a little unruly, but the Tea Partiers can be rhetorically ugly.

    Apples and apples, oranges and oranges, apples and oranges. It's a mixed bag.


  4. Joe: OWS is a creation of fatcat leftwingers.

    Obama is either stupid, or he's engaging in pro-OWS propaganda... Maybe both...

    Funniest of all is how the lefties, including the Leftie in Chief, strain and bend and perform ideological gymnastics to try to make the point that OWS is like the tea parties, when they've spend years puking hateful vitriol upon that group.


  5. And there's absolutely nothing of the idea that the tea party was created by fat cats. I watched the local group form itself and grow, without any fatcat involvement at all. Entirely grassroots.

    Jersey said: "The OWS may get a little unruly, but the Tea Partiers can be rhetorically ugly."

    It's hard to get more rhetorically ugly than the OWS folks ranting about the need to get rid of the Jews. It's hard to get worse than that.

  6. Maybe one of the things that both of these groups can agree on is that we should be making members of Congress as liable to insider trading laws as the rest of us (this, I'm saying, so as to prevent rump individuals like Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner from getting rich off of legislation).

  7. dmarks, I guarantee you there are far more Jews in the OWS, by far in a long ways, than among the Tea Party.

    Nice try.


  8. Joe: OWS is a creation of fatcat leftwingers.

    Easy to say, but where is your proof?

    [BTW, OWS is global, TP, isn't.]

    "...the Washington Examiner, which happens to be owned by an allied billionaire named Phil Anschutz, obtained a Romney campaign memo that details its outreach effort to the Koch brothers and the Tea Party. The memo acknowledges what ThinkProgress has reported for two years now — that the Kochs are the “financial engine of the Tea Party,” as the memo put it.

    Americans for Prosperity is led by billionaire Republican donor David Koch, whose endorsement Romney seeks. An Oct. 4 internal Romney campaign memo obtained by The Washington Examiner describes Koch as the “financial engine of the Tea Party” even though Koch “denies being directly involved.” Koch endorsed Romney for president in 2008 and his well-funded group is credited with electing dozens of Republicans to Congress in 2010 and creating a network of Tea Party loyalists who are critical to Romney’s chances of winning the nomination, political strategists say. [...]

    SF: "Obama is either stupid, or he's engaging in pro-OWS propaganda... Maybe both..."

    Of course a fundamentalist rightwinger would assert that Mr. Obama may be stupid AND a propagandist. Worthy of ignoring, after LMAO.

    SF: "Funniest of all is how the lefties, including the Leftie in Chief, strain and bend and perform ideological gymnastics to try to make the point that OWS is like the tea parties, when they've spend years puking hateful vitriol upon that group."

    Because people on the far right haven't puked hateful vitriol upon OWS?

    Oh pleeze. Stop playing into the hands of the corporatists, banksters, and Wall Street criminals who understand what you don't:

    That a coming together of the TPers and the OWSers would be a disaster for them.

  9. RN, my comments keep disappearing. Shaw

  10. Jersey: Nice try at what? Your comment was a bit of a nonsequitur. Care to try some clarity?

    click here for a sound clip from a neo-Nazis California OWS protester.

  11. Does this guy represent everyone in the Tea Party?

    The majority of the OWS do not hold with the nutty neo-Nazi Californians. I won't paint the TP as racists if you agree to not lump every OWS with the fringe. I actually marched twice with OWS Boston. Does that make me a Jew-hating Nazi?

    Let's get serious here, okay?

    Shaw Kenawe

  12. Then can we retire also the accusations of racism against the TP which were based on a handful of signs where no-one could find who was responsible?

  13. And yes Shaw there is a bug at this site where sometimes it flat out refuses non-anonymous comments. I've had to do the same as you, and leave anon comments with my ID at the end.

  14. The OWS and the TP can agree that we, the 99%, do not like how the lobbyists and politicians, the corporations, the banksters, and the Wall St. criminals game the system to profit themselves while they leave us to fight among ourselves over the financial mess they've made of our country. Every single chart, study, commission done over the last years show the small percentage of wealthy Americans doing better and better while the middle income people are losing ground, and the poor are increasing.

    Ignoring this and fighting among ourselves or continuing to be apathetic are just what those who are plundering the system want us to do.

    Pay attention.

  15. Anon: Banksters is not even a word. Also, the focus on the meaningless issue of the "divide" or wealth disparatiy between the haves and the have-mores is completely worthless. The TP, unlike the OWS, focuses on the real problem: the rapacious greed of government.

    OWS is just whiny and greedy. Jealousness of those who earn more. Pay attention to real problems. And some rich guy having 30 cars while you have only one or two is not a problem at all. Don't give in to the green-eyed monster.

  16. @Anon 11/28 6:53 AM EST

    wrote: "Banksters is not even a word."



    Blend of banker and gangster

    [edit] Pronunciation
    (UK) IPA: /ˈbæŋkstə/, SAMPA: /"b{Nkst@/

    [edit] Noun

    bankster (plural banksters)
    1.(informal) A personification of bankers as criminally irresponsible

  17. govster - The personification of elected officials who are criminally irresponsible as they plunder and pillage individual property rights.


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