Saturday, November 5, 2011

The OWS Myth

by: Les Carpenter
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Bloomberg Blasts OWS Protesters For Handling Of Alleged Rape

Okay. Let me get this straight. The occupy Wall Street GANGS, and yes at this juncture I do mean lawless, directionless, selfish {in the negative worse sense of the word}, ignorant and useless vagrants are setting up collectivist tents for females to feel safe and protected.

Okay. Got it. The Civilized OWS Gangs that are reportedly groping and RAPING innocent female attendees are the intellectually superior and infinitely more tolerant of the sensitivities of others than for example the Tea Party people failed to show such blatant disregard for human decency.

Got it. Guess I've been the stupid one all these almost 60 years of life. However, in the fog of advancing years I seem to vaguely remember something about maintaining self respect {and respecting the rights I cherish} and extending to all others, regardless of gender, the same right and respect I cherish.

So, I Guess the Tea Party movement, and its advocates had the concept of self respect and respect for others all wrong. The vagrants of the left have it just about right I guess.

OKAY, snark off. However, the movement that spawned high hopes in this conservative {spell it classical liberal] has increasingly proven itself to be little more than a collectivist mob of misfits and malcontents.

Perhaps we are merely witnessing the hippies of the 21st century.

Read more @ Atlas Shrugs and Dan Surber

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  1. Oh Les, let me help you! You are a deluded reactionary not a classical liberal.

    You will vote for Romney in 2012 because he is the lesser of two evils and then bemoan the lack of choices and the demise of the country you love so much.

    Here are some stats for you:

    60% of OWS protesters are college graduates, ages 25-44, 81% are white and 30% earn more than $50,000 a year! Oh, and politically 70% of them are independents!

    They are younger, more education, more ethnically diverse, and earn more than the average Tea Party supporter!

    Sorry, they represent the future not you.

    If you want to up your readership you might want reach for this audience; its a bigger audience!

  2. Being a college graduate confers no special status, and it is far from a reliable indicator of intelligence.

    This miniscule rabble is also stinkier and more violent than the population at large.

    If this is our future, we are in even bigger trouble than we are now.

  3. TAO - I shall be nice FOFAH!

    It is you who that is deluded.

    It is you WHO has no respect for anything or anybody other than your deluded ideology.

    It is you and your kind that rational people have NO respect for. Never will.

    Sorry MFAH, I, unlike you, have principles. Something you not only do not understand but are COMPLETELY devoid of.

    Education in and of itself AH means nothing.

    Those that built this graet nation were smart, wise, and often without the elite education you place so much stock in. No doubt AH because you, the premier statist AH believe it will someday give you power.

    So, FOAH!

    And feel free to never again return to this rational site.


  4. To say education in and of itself means nothing is an expression of willful ignorance. All knowledge, in and of itself, is good. It's what you do with it that matters.

    The selfish (always a bad thing, Les), thieving, useless lowlifes on Wall Street are perfect examples of people who do evil with knowledge.


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  6. TAO, you're leaving out some other data, like the calls for communism, calls for violent revolution, the sexual assaults, the vandalism, the property damage, and the like. If these useful idiots are the future, we're all in big trouble.

  7. Matt, did it ever occur to you to look for the goods things in this?

    Look, I'm not a fan of the Tea Party, but there are things they've brought to the fore that are good and right.

    The trouble with the Tea Party is that they started out as a vent for righteous public anger, and became partisan platform.

    That's where the OWS crowd will eventually run into trouble (their colorful behavior and propaganda aside, as only uptight people worry about that). Eventually the Occupy movement will have to present a clear platform, and by definition it will be partisan.

    Now, of course, when I say "partisan," in the conetxt of the Tea Party or Occupy movements, I do no mean Republican or Democrat. I mean that the movements themselves will be partisan - they become parties, even if those parties have no presence in government in name. As we know, we're stuck with only two choices in the end, and they're not very different at all.

    It is also for that reason that I do appreciate both the Tea Party and the Occupiers - at least they're interested! Half the country doesn't have a civic care at all.


  8. jmj - :) ... My hats off to you with your recent comment.

  9. In my city, the OWS protesters assaulted a little old lady with a walker who was trying to go into a Chase bank to do her business.

  10. If these OWS people, with their "gimme gimme gimme" greed, dedication to making government worse and more powerful, and their thuggish predilection toward violence represent the future, then we are facing a dystopia.

  11. dmarks - while I hope you are incorrect the evidence is mounting that what you say is precisely the direction we are heading. Especially given the clamor for ever more statism in our society.

    Actually glad I'm soon to be 60.

  12. Rational; Any success of OWS is the success of the lazy who master the art of begging, and managing to get the government to steal from the real creators and producers. The triumph of the worst in human nature, and it results in outbreaks like you see in the mid 1970s in Cambodia.

    If all the OWS protesters decided to ship out and form a colony in Antarctica isolated from everyone, the world and the US would be a lot better off.

  13. How can OWS be clamoring for more statism when they have been in direct conflict with the Police on so many occasions? Does the disconnect and cognitive dissonance between observed events, your pre-conceived notions, second hand propaganda and actual events ever get in the way?

  14. Grung_s_Gene - Where in the post was the word statism used? Perhaps the implication of common respect and decency didn't across to ypu.

    As to "disconnect and cognitive dissonance... pre-conceived notions, second hand propaganda" it seems to me it you you Grung_e_gene who excels at it.


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