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Ron Paul... The Libertarian Republican Presidential Candidate, and Brightest in the Field

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

Rep. Ron Paul, the long shot candidate for president. A member of the Republican party {why I haven't a clue} who is by far more Libertarian than Republican. A man who is different from your typical politician. Who unlike Romney, Perry, Cain, Bachmann, Gingrich, and Santorum {did I forget anyone?} is consistent in principle and his understanding of our Constitutional foundation.

A man who could, if given a shot have a profoundly positive impact on the health of the nation. He is not beholden to the power structure in the party of R. Nor is he warmly in bed with the monied Wall Street monied interests. He understands the need for monetary reform and has been instrumental in exposing the need for oversight of the Federal Reserves. And he sees the definite and immediate need to reign in the MIC.

Paul may not be the perfect candidate. In fact it is very likely there is no such thing as the perfect candidate. After all, candidates are human and thus perfection is not possible. And, for my liberal friends out there the same would apply to Ayn Rand ... ;)

Seriously, Paul may represent the best chance to change the nation's direction and point it to a positive path for both economic and social growth. Which I suspect is precisely why the establishment, both political and business will do everything in their power to misrepresent his ideas and insure he becomes only a footnote in American political history.

He's a long shot, but he is worth taking a serious look at. That would include reading his book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, in which he concisely lays out his principles and provides insight into what he would likely do if he were the leader of the free world.

Paul was recently in Newton Iowa where he visited a wind turbine blade manufacture and briefly outlined his views on limited and responsible government.

Newton, Ia. – Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul toured a wind-turbine blade manufacturer here and outlined his views on limited government to about 25 employees Friday afternoon.

Paul, a Texas congressman with strongly libertarian leanings, argued that good-intentioned efforts by the federal government to provide food, shelter and medical care have left Americans dependent and unproductive.

“It’s well-intended,” Paul said of government social programs, “but the truth is that you have to produce in order to live better. The tragedy in our country is that we’ve changed the conditions such that it’s very hard for us to be a productive country.”

The solution, he said, is to return the state to a far more limited role that merely ensures an environment in which the free market can thrive.

Reducing federal spending is also critical, he said. To accomplish a $1 trillion cut to annual spending, Paul said he would draw down U.S. military involvements in other nations and slash defense spending. Troops now stationed in Germany, South Korea and elsewhere should be brought home and put to work in their own communities, he said.

“It has to quit,” he said of military spending. “That’s why I take a bold stand. I’d cut the spending. I’d cut the overseas. I’d cut a lot of this militarism overseas.”

Beyond that, Paul said, the United States must undertake fundamental changes in its economic and monetary systems.

“Unless we look at this as a big picture looking at currency reform, tax reform, regulatory reform in order to restore confidence in the economy, we’re going to continue to get poorer,” he said.

The message was politely received by the plant employees, many of whom came off the factory floor still wearing their safety glasses to hear him speak.

Employee Douglas Barcus, of Newton, said he didn’t entirely share Paul’s views, but appreciated his libertarian perspective and the simple fact that he was different from the typical Republicans and Democrats on the national stage.

“I know he’s been in politics a long time, but he does seem like an outsider,” Barcus said. ”He’s outside the beltway, you know? The mentality of Washington D.C. and all the politics, whether Democrat or Republican, they’re just all the same. I don’t see much of a difference anymore.”

Responding to a question about this week’s Republican debate, which was notable for the contentiousness displayed by candidates, Paul was frank about his distaste.

“I can tell you that after the first 45 minutes I was tempted to walk off that stage,” Paul said. “I thought it was disgusting.”

The number of debates and their tenor indicate a demand for theatricality in politics, Paul said, that perhaps indicates a lack of seriousness about the process.

“These TV shows where they beat up on each other, I think that’s what the people like,” he said. “They enjoy this. They think it’s a game they’re playing.”

For a brighter future for America.

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  1. Ron Paul is also the only presidential candidate with a coherent economic plan based upon the realities we face.

  2. Sure beats Obama's. Which has been so far to force employers to drop health care coverage (which his plan has been causing them to do in droves), to increase the national debt (he took the accumulated total left to him from his 42 predecessors and increased it by 50%), and to cast Americans out from the work force (unemployment has gone up 20% due to his policies).

    By the way, how is everyone enjoying those debit card fees, which Obama and the Democrats are forcing the banks to charge people?

  3. It's Ron Paul or bust. I just hope enough people wake up in time to get him elected. Ron Paul 2012!


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