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Bachmann Correctly Citing Constitutional Limitations

by: Les Carpenter
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This site has never been a Michelle Bachmann fan. Nor has it advocated for her entrance onto the national political stage. Maybe it is because at some level she is looney, or maybe it is that she is not well represented by her handlers.

For the purpose of this post the particulars don't really matter. In response to Jim DeMint's Forum recently her answers were, in large share, both rational and constitutionally sound.

The Video:

The CNN article"
(CNN) - Painting herself as a "constitutional conservative" Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann told Sen. Jim DeMint's forum Monday that if elected president she would look to get rid of the Department of Education, among other things.

"Because the Constitution does not specifically enumerate nor does it give to the federal government the role and duty to superintend over education that historically has been held by the parents and by local communities and by state governments," she said, responding to a question by DeMint, a popular figure among the tea party movement

Another item on the chopping block: The Affordable Care Act.

People "see that the current government is acting outside the bounds of the Constitution. Probably the most obvious would be this, Obamacare and the individual mandate that is unconstitutional and is currently contained in Obamacare," she said.

Throughout the question and answer, Bachmann highlighted her understanding of the Constitution and the need to return to a limited federal government.

"And when I'm working with the Congress of the United States, my guiding principle will be that the government works best when it acts within the limitations of the Constitution," she said. "The current president of the United States has failed to demonstrate an understanding."

When asked about her jobs program, Bachmann pointed to her past as a tax litigation attorney and small business owner.

"(I) believe in profit and actually believe profit is a good thing and that we should encourage that in this country," she said. Bachmann called for a restructuring of tax rates for businesses – highlighting her experience in that area.

It is unfortunate that given the total picture Michelle often comes across as lacking in substance.

However, there are other candidates that have the constitutional understanding, depth, and leadership capabilities to be President. Of course following the wreckage Obama has accelerated since taking the reins of power, effecting the cure will be ever more difficult and painful to effect...

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  1. "Maybe it is because at some level she is looney, or maybe it is that she is not well represented by her handlers."

    that can be said of each and every candidate on both sides of the coin, Les.

    implying the possibility that she might be looney does not serve any purpose. it only gives the left ammunition to use, both, in regards to her as well as to you and it does not further the cause of going back to a constitutional government as both of us would advocate.

  2. I agree with the comment left by "The Griper" in that implying the possibility that she might be looney does not serve any purpose. IMHO all it does is make you look ill-informed, snarky, and give ammunition to the left.

    ammunition.. maybe I need to watch my "tone".. heh.

    Mrs. Bachmann is very well versed in Constitutional Law, and more well-versed in tax law and how the IRS operates.

    Unfortunately, the MSM has chosen to air snippets of Bachmann at her worst and never shown her true depth, but that's what we get from a liberally biased media.

    They had zero concern for Obama's 57 states gaffe, but they are all over Bachmann's Elvis mistake as if it made her a complete idiot.

    Chris Matthews specifically tried to make a joke of her, but she is absolutely correct in calling out members of Congress for having political agendas that are not consistent with The Constitution.

    She, like every other candidate out there, has made some gaffes. This is the nature of living in front of a camera, especially once you've decided to put yourself up as a candidate for the Presidency.

  3. i have lived in MN for almost 34 years, in her time in office the only piece of legislation she has put out was a ban on gay marriage, which was already NOT LEGAL under existing laws...waste of time, waste of money & just to get the right wing's dander up a bit.

  4. The Constitution does not directly address most specific things the government does, but that does not make those things unconstitutional.

    Her's is specious logic at best. Bachmann is a moron.


  5. jersey,
    the fact that that the government does those things does not make what it does constitutional either, does it?

    the whole purpose of the constitution, of any constitution, is to have a "limited" government.

    without adhering to that principle of "limited" government, a constitution is declared as valueless to the people. it no longer serves the purpose and intent of its creation.

    the only people who would make a statement as you did would be those who wanted to mislead people into the idea that the constitution gives unlimited power and authority to the federal government.

  6. les,
    jersey's statement is just affirmation of what i said in my first comment. he took your statement and ran with it. you have no logical basis of defending your post now without looking hypocritical.

  7. I have no need to defed. Post speaks for itself.

  8. I think in this media age candidates are mostly seen in “snippets” rather than whole entities. And it seems that anyone on the Right receives the short end of the stick. No matter who it is, they are portrayed as stupid-ill-informed-racist-american-destroying-morons by many on the Left AND the MSM who refuses to report truth and facts because they are so left-leaning it’s as obvious as the noses on their faces.

    Bachman may be extremely Right-winged, but I don’t believe she’s a loon. She’s loyal to her convictions and while I may not believe in everything that she does, I do admire and respect someone who doesn’t wavier, but most importantly, has integrity.

  9. While Mrs. Bachmann is undoubtedly gaffe prone and a smidge (more that a smidge on certain issues) too conservative for me, I've seen enough of her to know that she clearly isn't a Palin 2.0. The woman has a degree from William and Mary and can actually speak cogently on certain issues. Could I ever pull the lever and vote for her? No. But I wouldn't underestimate her, either.


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