Friday, July 15, 2011

Cut, Cap, and Balance... A Sensible Solution

by: Les Carpenter
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Seems sensible does it not? Or is it just conservatives that understand a government ought to be run like a successful business. Or household for that matter.

From The Hill.
House Republican leaders have thrown their support behind the "cut, cap and balance" plan that conservatives are demanding in return for an increase in the federal debt ceiling.

According to lawmakers who attended an 8 a.m. meeting of the Republican Conference, GOP House members rallied Friday behind an effort to cut spending, cap spending in future years and pass a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution — a package that has been pushed in the House by the Republican Study Committee (RSC).

“We asked the president to lead, we asked him to put forward a plan, not a speech — a real plan — and he hasn’t. We will,” Speaker John Boehner said (R-Ohio) after the meeting.

Boehner was asked if the move to support the plan was a sign that the White House talks on the debt ceiling are dead.

“I don’t want to preclude any chance of coming to an agreement,” he said. Boehner demanded that Obama put forth a "real" plan with spending cuts and entitlement reforms.

One lawmaker told The Hill that the proposal is the GOP's response to President Obama's challenge — issued at Thursday evening's negotiations at the White House — to come up with an answer to the current impasse over raising the borrowing limit.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said Republicans are looking for a permanent change in Washington's spending habits.

“We want to change the system here. We want to be able to go home to the people who elected us and show them that we are not going to allow this kind of spending to continue,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said.

“So we are going to bring a bill forward next week otherwise known as the 'cut, cap and balance' bill to provide a balanced approach so we can demonstrate that we are getting things under control, that the people who put us here can gain some confidence that we are going to begin to live like they do around their kitchen tables and their businesses," Cantor said.

The plan would authorize a $2.4 trillion increase in the debt ceiling after Congress passes a balanced-budget amendment. {Continue Reading}

A lot of finger pointing going on and blame for the impasse over the debt ceiling is being spread all around. The Cut, Cap, and Balance makes good sense. It is a conservative approach to governing, and it is what America needs.

So, Mr. President, we're waiting...

More at Legal Insurrection.

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  1. The trouble is RN that this "cut, cap, and balance" does not represent the views of the majority party in Washington nor does it represent the majority opinion of Americans.

    Successful businesses also have to raise their prices to cover some expenses....or maybe we should off shore our military? Hire mercenaries from China!

    What part of "democracy" is it that conservatives do not understand" what part of compromise do conservatives not understand?" What part of "rule by the majority with protection for the rights of the minority" that conservatives do not understand?

    By the way, a balanced budget amendment will never happen...republicans don't want it!

  2. Why do you conservatives, who claim to be such champions of the constitution, continue to insist that somehow the President is responisble for leading the congress, let alone leading it to create budget bills?

    Do you understand the Constituton or not?

    And that STUPID BBA! How you you just arbitrarily cap spending, on an arbitrary indicator, with subjective terms, and almost no way around it? It's STUPID.

    You talk about how the government should be more like "successful business" or "household" - WOW, is that ever subjective!

    But if by "successul" you mean 'in the continuous and ever growing black,' I've got news for you, sunshine - there's no such thing!

    Even the most "successful" families and businesses have had their ups and downs and had to react accordingly, not bound by simplistic, arbitrary, subjective, self-imposed, ideological restraints.

    If you want government to be like families and businesses, then guess what, it will often have substantial debt and often increased debt and spending.

    That's REAL LIFE.


  3. Donald in Bethel, CT

    My newest fave quote from President Obama:

    "These are obligations that the United States has taken on in the past, that Congress has run up the credit card, and we now have an obligation to pay our bills."

    Congress has run up the credit card, implying the 111th Congress that was Dem-controlled, had noting to do with it, especially since it was his Stimulus/Bailouts that cost us almost 800 Billion bucks.

    Mr. Obama is referring to, of course, George Bush's years as President and that other Congress. Not the Congress that was in rule when he took over as Supreme Leader. No.

  4. TAO - 1) Check your data... 2) Yup I agree, so what is is point?... 3) I ask you the same about progressives... 4)Wrong, the conservatives have proposed it. It is the PROGRESSIVES that will kill it. Every time.

  5. Donald - Don't expect progressives to understand what you have said. Of course us conservatives understand that GWB made a bunch of mistakes and is responsible for a % of our debt.

    The progressive however are incapable of understanding tier guilder hero Obummer is responsible for a % as well.

    Progressives of the far left are the most rigid, uncompromising, intolerant, hypocritical, and destructive force in America today.

    Ideologically Obummer is a prime example. He is being as disingenuous and intransigent as are the republicans in Congress. Make no mistake about it, he has a personal agenda that is driven by his "handlers."

  6. Here you go RN....rather than all the stupid grandstanding...why not just demand that Congress go through and repeal every single piece of legislation necessary to reach a balanced budget TODAY!

    Its easy to say, "cut spending" but lets have them actually go through the process of cutting spending by repealing every bit of legislation that has been passed since the last time the budget was balanced and have them vote to repeal them, one by one, item by item, and lets see what gets done.

    If they cannot cut enough spending this route then taxes will have to be raised for whatever amount they cannot cut....

    Can't wait to see "fiscal" conservatives, Tea Partiers, and all the other right wing folks out in the streets because their programs get cut!

    I think it would be great to cut spending now! That would effect everyone ON social security and everyone receiving veterans benefits NOW!

    Sure would love to see a few aircraft carriers mothballed!

  7. Here you go TAO. How about the defense budget? How about cutting unnecessary departments where there is duplicity? How about cutting subsidies and corporate welfare? How about closing shop on the department of education and return authority to the states? How about cutting global foreign aid (foreign welfare? How about demanding Obummer stop wasting dollars in Libya?....

    Then how about dealing with the continuing problem of ILLEGAL's that significantly increase medical care cost that you, I and every American pays for? How about the government discontinue raiding the SS "Trust Fund", (which it never was thanks to FDR) and transfering money to the general fund replacing the money with IOU's thereby "cooking the books"and screwing future generations.

    No TAO, you get off your soap box. Then, and only then, I MIGHT consider getting off mine...

    Now go have some milk and cookies.

    Oh, I almost forgot, after all the above is done I am okay with raising revenue, IE: taxes.

    Now visit my manifesto page. I ain't backing away from those principals.


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