Saturday, July 16, 2011

And The Point Is?

by: Les Carpenter
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It never fails to amaze me. By which I mean the idiocy of both our justice system at times and our federal government in general.

I mean, why are we wasting hours of legal talent on DADT that could be better spent on matters that really are of importance?

Of course the matter will be mute at some point. At which time we will have done the right thing. But why the colossal waste of time and money?

Oh that's right. It is, stupid me, all about the money the attorneys will receive for what in reality is a foregone conclusion.
Whatever... It's the American way I suppose.
LOS ANGELES — The military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy is back in place for the time being, with one major caveat: the government is not allowed to investigate, penalize or discharge anyone who is openly gay.
A San Francisco federal appeals court ordered the military to temporarily continue the controversial policy in an order late Friday, the court's response to a request from the Obama administration.

The order is the latest twist in the legal limbo gay service members have found themselves in as the policy is fought in the courts simultaneous to its slow dismantling by the federal government, which expects to do away with it by later this year.

In its three-page ruling, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said the ruling was based on new information provided by the federal government, including a declaration from Major General Steven A. Hummer, who is leading the effort to repeal the policy.

"In order to provide this court with an opportunity to consider fully the issues presented in the light of these previously undisclosed facts," the court wrote, that it would uphold an earlier order to keep the policy in place.

The court of appeals had halted "don't ask, don't tell" July 6 but the Department of Justice filed an emergency motion Thursday saying ending the policy now would pre-empt the orderly process for rolling it back, per a law signed by President Barack Obama in December.

The ruling was supported by Servicemembers United, an organization of gay and lesbian troops and veterans, but the group's executive director Alexander Nicholson voiced frustration over the slow process of dismantling "don't ask, don't tell. {Read More}

The important thing at this point is... Ultimately we won't be wasting our time on this issue in the future.

Well, assuming the religious fringe and homophobic extremists move on to other issues of irrationality.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. Being a homophobic extremist and a member of the religious fringe, I promise to help keep life interesting for you!

  2. Les, this is a brilliant post.

    I call what you're describing here "eyes off the prize." Americans are always so very concerned with useless #### ####, our idiotic and counter-productive zeitgeist.

    We're fussing over the way other people live their sex lives, and everyone has an opinion on that, even though it has little or no consequence for them personally.

    And all the silly scandals, popular crimes, fringe issues, bogeyman stories... This is what's holding us back as a people. We're like friggin' moths!!!

    Meanwhile, in the real world - the real, grown-up, serious, important, tangible world - our government's debt is heading for triple it's annual revenues, causing an exponential increase in interest costs, with a snowball effect that has no good ending.

    But no. Idiots want to fuss over whether a gay guy can serve his country.


    Great post, Les. I could not agree with you more.


  3. JMJ said: "Meanwhile, in the real world - the real, grown-up, serious, important, tangible world - our government's debt is heading for triple it's annual revenues, causing an exponential increase in interest costs, with a snowball effect that has no good ending."

    I notice a new sense of outrage pointed in the right direction. Does this mean you will now condemn the man most responsible for this problem, our President who refuses to balance the budget, breaks good promises on earmarks, and has in just a few years created one THIRD of the entire national debt problem?


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