Friday, July 1, 2011

Analyst Suspended for Crudeness When Speaking the Truth

by: Les Carpenter
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The following is an article from NETRIGHT DAILY about the suspension of Mark Halperin for his remarks with respect to President Obama being a jerk. While I may not agree with the article in full I must say it certainly is food for thought for the open minded amongst us.
By Rick Manning – The first presidential press conference in three months brought the real Barack Obama clearly into focus and what America, and even the liberal press corps witnessed was not pretty.

Rather than the uniter, visionary leader who they manufactured and sold to the American public, MSNBC analyst Mark Halperin used an off-color pejorative that is a synonym for jerk to describe Obama. Of course, after receiving complaints from the White House, that analyst has been suspended indefinitely. Somehow I don’t remember swift suspensions following various attacks that were far cruder against Sarah Palin, but that is another story.

Even more important than the revelation that the anointed one is actually a jerk who talks down to anyone who doesn’t bow to his commands, was the incredible site of a president who is renowned for playing basketball and golf demanding that Congress “get to work.”

This is audacious even for someone who “wrote” two autobiographies before he had ever done anything.

The “get to work” order comes from a man who submitted a budget to Congress this year that garnered zero votes in the Senate. Not one member of the U.S. Senate was willing to vote for Obama’s vision for America. Harry Reid voted no. Barbara Boxer voted no. Even socialist/independent Bernie Sanders voted no. Obama could not lead anyone to vote for his vision.

The “get to work” order comes from a man who has studiously attempted to avoid involvement in the day to day negotiations over the fiscal future of the nation.

Ironically, the “get to work” order was directed at Republicans in Congress who have passed a budget in the House of Representatives, proposed a plan to deal with the looming Medicare bankruptcy, and have had the courage to tackle sacred cows.

In contrast, the Senate Democrats have not even bothered to offer a budget, let alone pass one, for more than two years. The Senate Democrats and Obama himself have sought to use Republican attempts to begin addressing and saving Medicare for their own political advantage through a campaign of deliberate misrepresentation and knowingly false scare tactics.{Continue Reading}

It is fine for progressives to use all manner of innuendos and to level miss truths at conservatives such as Palin and Bachmann. However, when one speaks the truth about Der Leader the retribution is swift and severe. Talk about hypocrisy.

But we on the rational side have grown to expect nothing less from the progressive media.


  1. I don't know what "truth" you see in the expression "kind of a d!@k." But hey, this is cable and he has to answer to his employer. The White House complained about it, but didn't impose the sanction on Halperin - MSNBC did that. I'm not sure why. Morning Joe is usually a pretty good show, with quality interviews and attention to issues. On the other hand, it can sometimes be a little casual and low-brow (it is a morning show after all).

    So really, I don't know why Halperin was suspended. I doubt the White House demanded it. I don't think the word is past MSNBC's standards. You hear it a lot on cable these days.

    This certainly isn't some fascistic retaliation. That's just loony.


  2. JMJ -Perhaps you're right. Then again perhaps you're not.

  3. Obama and most (if not all)progressives simply can't handle the truth.

    If this was said against Bush the network would have been cheering. Such hypocrisy...

  4. I wouldn't last a day on TV, Les. That's all I gotta say.

  5. Will - I likely wouldn't either.

    We have become WAY to PC for my way of thinking!


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